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Abbas, A. O., A. A. Alaqil, G. M. K. Mehaisen, and Mohamed I. El Sabry, "Effect of Organic Selenium-Enriched Yeast on Relieving the Deterioration of Layer Performance, Immune Function, and Physiological Indicators Induced by Heat Stress", Frontiers in Veterinary Science , 2022.
Mehaisen, G. M. K., M. G. Eshak, M. E. I. Sabry, and A. O. Abass, "Expression of Inflammatory and Cell Death Program Genes and Comet DNAD amage Assay Induced by Escherichia coli in Layer Hens", PLoSONE, vol. 11, issue 6, pp. e0158314.doi:10.1371/journal. pone.0158314, 2016. Website
Gharib, H. B. A., A. M. M. Atta, E. M. I. Sabry, and F. K. R. Stino, "Immunological changes and production performances of broiler chicks in response to chicken interleukin-2 injection..", The 3rd Mediterranean Poultry Summit of World Poultry Science Association (Proceeding). Alexandria, 2012. Abstract
Shaaban S. Elnesr, Hamada A. M. Elwan, Mohamed I. El Sabry, Abdelrazeq M. Shehata, and M. Alagawany, "Impact of chitosan on productive and physiological performance and gut health of poultry", World's Poultry Science, vol. 78, issue 2, pp. 483-798, 2022.
ElSabry, M. I., M. H. Abdelfattah, H. A. Abdellatif, and S. S. Elnesr, "The impact of magnetized drinking water on semen quality, fertility and hatchability rates of Fayoumi chicken.", Animal biotechnology, pp. 1-7, 2022. Abstract

The present study was conducted to interpret the effect of magnetic field on water pH and calcium form, and evaluate semen quality, fertility and hatchability rates of Fayoumi chickens receiving magnetized drinking water (MDW). A total of 180 Fayoumi chickens (20 roosters + 160 hens), 54 weeks of age, were divided into two groups. The first group served as control, which received regular drinking water, and the second group was treated with MDW. Semen was collected twice (at day 15 and day 30 of the experiment) to determine semen quality. Fertility and hatchability were determined in two patches of hatching eggs through 1-15 and 16-30 days of the experiment. Results showed that the roosters of MDW group had higher live sperm and sperm motility ratios than those of the control group throughout the experimental period (1-30 days). The abnormal sperm ratio and methylene blue reaction time of MDW-received roosters were significantly lower than those of control roosters. Fertility and hatchability percentages of MDW group were greater compared to those of regular drinking water. Conclusively, alterations in the physiochemical characteristics of MDW and the calcium form can play a role in improving semen quality, fertility, and hatchability percentages during the late laying phase.

Radwan, L. M., M. Mahrous, N. K. Alsenosy, and M. I. El Sabry, "Interaction between heat stress and early age on muscle development and related to gene ‎expression in two strains of broilers chickens", Asian Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances, vol. 13, issue 4, pp. 309-315, 2018.
El Sabry, M. I., and W. A. Abd El-Ghany, "A Mathematical Model for Calculating Intestinal Villus Surface Area in Broiler Chickens", International Journal of Veterinary Science, vol. 10, issue 4, pp. 317-322, 2021.
El Sabry, M. I. M., A. M. M. Atta, B. Tzschentke, H. B. A. Gharib, and F. K. R. Stino, "Potential use of Interleukin-2-rich supernatant adjuvant in Fayoumi hens", ARCHIV FUR GEFLUGELKUNDE, vol. 76, issue 3: EUGEN ULMER GMBH CO POSTFACH 700561 WOLLGRASWEG 41, D-70599 STUTTGART, GERMANY, pp. 162-167, 2012. AbstractWebsite

This study was carried out to investigate the impact of chicken interleukin-2 rich supernatant (ChIL2-rich supernatant) on humoral immune response against Newcastle Disease Virus (NDV), and its side effects on production and reproduction performances. Eighty 40-week old female and ten male Fayoumi hens were vaccinated with NDV (La Sota strain). The treated birds were co-administered with ChIL2rich supernatant. While, the control birds were injected with saline. Data were collected during the period from 40 to 45 weeks of age. The results indicated that ChIL2-rich supernatant injection enhanced the humoral immunity against NDV antigens throughout the experimental period. It also increased the relative spleen weight. On the other hand, ChIL2-rich supernatant injection did not influence relative liver and ovary weights, hen day egg production, egg weights, fertility or hatchability significantly. The results of this study demonstrated that, ChIL2-rich supernatant injection could be safely used as an adjuvant to enhance the humoral immunity against NDV with no deleterious effects on production or reproduction performances.

Aggrey S.E., Ghareeb A. F.A., Milfort M.C., Ariyo O.W., Aryal B., Hartono E., Kwakye J., Sovi S., Hipple S.A., tevenson C., et al., "Quantitative and molecular aspects of water intake in meat-type chickens", Poultry Science, vol. 102, issue 11, 2023.
El Sabry, M. I., H. B. A. Ghrieb, A. M. M. Atta, M. G. Eshak, and F. K. R. Stino, "Role of Chicken Interleukin-2, in Some Immunological and Productive Performances of Fayoumi Laying Hens.", The 1st International Conference of Agricultural Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture, Aleppo University, Syria., 2008. Abstract
El Sabry, M. I., LE Motsei, I. I. Abdel-Mageed, and O. Almasri, "Space allowance impacts behavior, productivity, reproductivity and immunity of sheep—a review", Tropical Animal Health and Production, vol. 55, pp. 207, 2023.
Mohamed I. El Sabry, and O. Almasri, "Stocking density, ambient temperature, and group size affect social behavior, productivity and reproductivity of goats- A review ", Tropical Animal Health and Production, vol. 55, pp. DOI: 10.1007/s11250-023-03598-0, 2023.
Mohamed I. El Sabry, Zeinab U Romeih, F. K. R. Stino, Abeer R Khosht, and S. E. Aggrey, "Water scarcity can be a critical limitation for the poultry industry", Tropical Animal Health and Production, issue 55, pp. 215, 2023.