Dr. El Sabry is an Associate Professor at Cairo University. He obtained his MSc at Cairo University and Ph.D. at Cairo-Humboldt Universities. He undertook postdoctoral training at Izmir University, Louisiana State University, and North-West University. He joined Cairo University in 2002 as a TA and attained an associate professorship in 2017. His current research interests include the environmental stressors, egg incubation, and genomics of water intake in poultry. Dr. El Sabry has a patent and 15 peer-reviewed journal articles. In 2014, Cairo University honored Dr. El Sabry with the Cairo University Patent Award. In 2017, Dr. El Sabry was honored once again with Cairo University Encouragement Award for his work in the agricultural sciences. Dr. El Sabry has supervised a number of MSc and Ph.D. studies on nano-applications in poultry. In 2006-2007, he participated in the awareness campaign against Avian flu organized by the Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture. Also, he was involved in the supervision of the Sharjah Sports Center and student union activities at the Faculty of Agriculture, Cairo University.