Dr. El Sabry started his career as a Teaching Assistant at the Department of Animal Production, Cairo University in April 2002. In the same year, he started his MSc, which included the production of IL-2 rich supernatant and its effects on the humoral immune response of chickens. Late in 2007, he started his Ph.D. project on the response of the thermoregulatory system of chicken and quail embryos to thermal manipulation. In 2009, he won a Short term scholarship from DAAD to do apart from his Ph.D. work in Germany.
In 2011, he registered for his patent entitled “A mechanism for turning eggs in the incubator” International CI. A01K41/06. This invention aimed at increasing the hatchability percentage of small size hatching machines, and consequently increase the revenue of small stakeholders. In 2012, after finishing his Ph.D., he started his postdoctoral fellowship in Turkey for 1 year. At Ege University, he worked on some environmental factors that affect the histological structure of the intestinal tract, hatchability, and productivity of broiler chicks.
In Oct. 2014, his invention won the "Innovation Prize" from Cairo University, Egypt. He was also awarded another postdoctoral fellowship from US-AID in 2015.  At Louisiana State University, he studied the basics and production of nanoparticles. After returning to his home institute, he worked with his MSc students on the evaluation of using silver nanoparticles as a disinfect for hatching eggs.
 Recently, he and his team are partners with UGA to address water scarcity in poultry production.