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Hussein, M. H. E., A. K. Hegazy, and H. F. Kabiel, Radionuclides uptake by some crops raised in coastal black sand soil, , Deutschland/Germany, LAMBERT Academic Publishing, 2016. radionuclides_uptake_by_crops.pdf
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man, M. S. A., A. K. Hegazy, S. K. Goda, M. H. Emam, and A. A. Al-Atar, "Cytotoxicity and mutagenic effects of soil radionuclides on some black sand plant species. ", Journal of Mediterranean Ecology, vol. 11, pp. 5-20, 2011. cytologyprotein_paper.pdf
2- Hegazy, A. K., M. H. Emam, and A. A.A., "Growth and reproductive attributes of radionuclide phytoremediators in the Mediterranean coastal black sands.", African Journal of Biotechnology, vol. 10 , issue 74, pp. 16781-16792, 2011. greenhouse_paper.pdf