A qualified and enthusiastic assistant lecturer in critical care medicine. I have been working as a critical care physician for 7 years and I have got my
master's degree from Kasr Al-Aini Teaching Hospital-Cairo University. Working in a teaching hospital granted me an opportunity to have a very good
experience to teach junior doctors, to learn from my senior staff and to enhance my team-work experience with my colleagues.Currently, I am the
most senior in my team which puts a great responsibility on my shoulders to teach and help others. During my residency, I have learned bed-side
imaging techniques for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes e.g bed-side ECHO, ultrasound guided pericardiocentesis , pleurocentesis and CVL
insertion , venous duplex scan, lung ultrasonography and FAST ultarasound. In addition, I have an experience in working in medical , surgical and
coronary care units which allowed me to learn other interventions such as temporary pacemaker insertion and intrathecal catheterization .I was
fortunate to be the youngest member of our ECMO team which is a great opportunity to be close to ECMO patients. I consider myself a hard worker
because I used to work 36 hours every 48 hours in my early months of residency, it seems impossible but it was the rules then, this tough period
made me learn faster and have empathy towards my patients,because I was spending most of the time with them. It was exhausting but it was
rewarding as well. Regarding my academic job, case-presentations and giving lectures are one of my academic duties in the University. Moreover, I
have done my masters thesis on hemodynamic monitoring of hypovolemic patients by using carotid artery ultrasonography and abdominal
ultrasonography. Finally, I am passionate about learning new things and teaching others,and I just want to be a better doctor in a better place.
I am applying for this post because it will grant me a great experience to work in one of the largest hospitals in Europe. In addition, there is a variety
of patients that will help me to increase my knowledge and experience under supervision of its eminent staff. I have gained experience in managing
critical patients by working in the largest and the oldest critical care center in Egypt. Being one of the Kasr Al-Aini Hospital medical staff, has a large
impact on my way of management because we are implementing the most recent guidelines in treating patients.Moreover, I have learned the
meaning of responsibility, discipline and respect by working in this great institute. During my 7 year experience in ICU, I started to learn bed-side
imaging for better management of the patients. I have an experience in ECHO since 2015 that was certified from the Egyptian Medical
Society of Echocardiography.
My master's thesis was titled " Value of carotid corrected flow time in guiding fluid resuscitation in critically ill patients". It was conducted for the
assessment of fluid responsiveness in hypovolemic patients by a simple and fast diagnostic modality through examining the flow of the carotid
artery by pulsed wave Doppler , and to find the correlation between it and another sonographic well established modality which is IVC collapsibility

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