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Farouk, H. M., "On the application of quantum clustering on speech data", International Journal of Speech Technology, vol. 20, issue 4, pp. 891-896, 2017.
Farouk, M. H., "Application of Genetic Algorithms for the Estimation of Ultrasonic Parameters, ch. 3,", Computational Intelligence Applications in Modeling and Control, Series: Studies in Computational Intelligence, vol. 575, Berlin, Springer, 2015. Abstract

Abstract In this chapter, the use of genetic algorithm (GA) is investigated in the
field of estimating ultrasonic (US) propagation parameters. Recent works are, then,
surveyed showing an ever-spread of employing GA in different applications of US.
A GA is, specifically, used to estimate the propagation parameters of US waves in
polycrystalline and composite materials for different applications. The objective
function of the estimation is the minimization of a rational difference error between
the estimated and measured transfer functions of US-wave propagation. The US
propagation parameters may be the phase velocity and attenuation. Based on tentative
experiments, we will demonstrate how the evolution operators and parameters
of GA can be chosen for modeling of US propagation. The GA-based
estimation is applied, in a test experiment, on steel alloy and Aluminum specimens
with different grain sizes. Comparative results of that experiment are presented on
different evolution operators for less estimation errors and complexity. The results
prove the effectiveness of GA in estimating parameters for US propagation.
Keywords Genetic algorithm (GA)  Inverse problem characterization  Ultrasonic
(US) non-destructive testing (NDT)  Transfer function (TF) parameter estimation 
Materials characterization

Farouk, M. H., and N. Yassin, "Application of Quantum-Clustering on Thermograms of WiFi Circuits in Different Operation Modes", Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis, vol. 29, issue July 2019, pp. 565–571, 2019.
Farouk, M. H., M. W. Fakhr, and A. A. Jafar, "Clustering-Based Topic Identification of Transcribed Arabic Broadcast News", New Trends in Networking, Computing, E-learning, Systems Sciences, and Engineering, Cham, Swizerland, Springer, 2015.