Reviewing a plethora of oxidative-type reactions catalyzed by whole cells of species.

Salama, S., M. H. Habib, R. Hatti-Kaul, and Y. Gaber, "Reviewing a plethora of oxidative-type reactions catalyzed by whole cells of species.", RSC advances, vol. 12, issue 12, pp. 6974-7001, 2022.


Selective oxidation reactions represent a challenging task for conventional organic chemistry. Whole-cell biocatalysis provides a very convenient, easy to apply method to carry out different selective oxidation reactions including chemo-, regio-, and enantio-selective reactions. species are important biocatalysts as they can catalyze these selective reactions very efficiently owing to the wide diversity of enzymes and enzymatic cascades in their cell niche. In this review, we present and analyze most of the examples reported to date of oxidative reactions catalyzed by species as whole-cell biocatalysts. We discuss 33 different species and strains and the role they play in different oxidative reactions over the past five decades. The oxidative reactions have been classified into seven categories that include: hydroxylation of steroids/non-steroids, asymmetric sulfoxidations, oxidation of aldehydes, multi-step oxidations, oxidative cleavage, and -oxidations. The role played by species as recombinant hosts catalyzing bio-oxidations has also been highlighted.