Establishing a multimodular Information Technology (IT) solution Pediatric Surgery units with modest resources

ElFiky, M., "Establishing a multimodular Information Technology (IT) solution Pediatric Surgery units with modest resources", IPEG’s 25th Annual Congress for Endosurgery in Children, Fukuoka, Japan, 25 May , 2016.

Date Presented:

25 May


Objective: Every Pediatric Surgery unit needs an IT solution for saving patient medical records, researching & communicating with the World and its staff, which costs from thousands to millions of dollars. Our goal was to minimize the cost to the least for units with modest resources.

Description of the technology and method of its use or application: Cloud computing was used with a shared private secure server. The initial needed modules were for creating emails, setting up a welcoming website, integrating social media platforms & setting up other cloud modules. The first module was an electronic medical records software. The other was a clinical research data collection tool. Both modules were synchronized for specific research projects. More modules were added later to archive all surgery photos, sharing presentations & for online tutorials.

Results: The IT solution was created & implemented for our University Faculty of Medicine, the local Pediatric Surgery Association & was proposed for IPEG. The cost for the total setup was $100 annually with no running costs. Several research projects results have been published using the technology in other surgery meetings. Results have helped in auditing and improving our department surgery services.

Conclusion: Implementing a total IT solution for a modern Pediatric Surgery unit can be created using this low cost

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