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Simultaneous determination of triterpene saponins in ginseng drugs by high-performance liquid chromatography, Zhu, Shu, Zou Kun, Cai Shaoqing, Meselhy Meselhy Ragab, and Komatsu Katsuko , Chemical and pharmaceutical bulletin, Volume 52, Issue 8, p.995-998, (2004) Abstract
Shikometabolins A, B, C and D, novel dimeric naphthoquinone metabolites obtained from shikonin by human intestinal bacteria, Meselhy, Meselhy R., KADOTA Shigetoshi, Tsubono Koji, KUSAI Akihiko, Hattori Masao, and NAMBA Tsuneo , Tetrahedron letters, Volume 35, Issue 4, p.583-586, (1994) Abstract
Sesquiterpenes from Cymbopogon proximus, El-Askary, Hesham I., Meselhy Meselhy R., and Galal Ahmed M. , Molecules, Volume 8, Issue 9, p.670-677, (2003) Abstract