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Cytotoxicity of shikonin metabolites with biotransformation of human intestinal bacteria, MIN, Byung-Sun, Meselhy Meselhy-R, Hattori Masao, Kim Hwan-Mook, and Kim Young-Ho , Journal of microbiology and biotechnology, Volume 10, Issue 4, p.514-517, (2000) Abstract
Conversion of aconitine to lipoaconitine by human intestinal bacteria and their antinociceptive effects in mice, Kawata, Yukio, Cho-mei MA, Nakamura Norio, WANG Hong, NAMBA Tsuneo, SATOH Kazuya, and KURAISHI Yasushi , 和漢医薬学雑誌= Journal of traditional medicines, Volume 16, Issue 1, p.15-23, (1999) Abstract
Constituents from Moghat, the roots of Glossostemon bruguieri (Desf.), Meselhy, Meselhy R. , Molecules, Volume 8, Issue 8, p.614-621, (2003) Abstract
Comparative study of chemical constituents of rhubarb from different origins, Komatsu, Katsuko, Nagayama Yorinobu, Tanaka Ken, Ling Yun, Cai Shao-Qing, Omote Takayuki, and Meselhy Meselhy Ragab , Chemical and pharmaceutical bulletin, Volume 54, Issue 11, p.1491-1499, (2006) Abstract
Comparative Antioxidant Activities of Selected Apiaceous Plants, Emad, Ayat M., Ali Sherifa F., Meselhy Meselhy R., and Sattar Essam A. , Pharmacognosy Journal, Volume 11, Issue 6, p.1-6, (2019)
Chemical and biological study of Manilkara zapota (L.) Van Royen leaves (Sapotaceae) cultivated in Egypt, m Fayek, Nesrin, Monem Azza Abdel R., Mossa Mohamed Y., Meselhy Meselhy R., and Shazly Amani H. , Pharmacognosy research, Volume 4, Issue 2, p.85, (2012) Abstract