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Quinic acid derivatives from Artemisia annua L. leaves; biological activities and seasonal variation, H.I. El-Askary, S.S. Mohamed, El-Gohari H. M. A., Ezzat S. M., and Meselhy M. R. , South African Journal of Botany, Volume 128, p.200-208, (2020)
Inhibitory effect of component from Ganoderma lucidum on the growth of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and the protease activity, Hattori, Masao, El-Mekkawy S., and Meselhy M. R. , Proceedings of the 1st International Symposium on Ganoderma Lucidum in Japan, Mizuno T, Ide N and Hasegawa Y (eds), p.128-135, (1997) Abstract
Guaianolides from Centaurea scoparia, Helal, Amr M., Nakamura Norio, Meselhy Meselhy R., El-Fishawy Ahlam M., Hattori Masao, and Mahran Gamal H. , Phytochemistry, Volume 45, Issue 3, p.551-554, (1997) Abstract
Phenolics from Maytenus senegalensis, Hussein, Ghazi, Nakamura Norio, Meselhy Meselhy R., and Hattori Masao , Phytochemistry, Volume 50, Issue 4, p.689-694, (1999) Abstract