weekly exam (week 6) MCQ eye and ear

Weekly exams (week 6)

The Organs of Special Senses (Eye and Ear)

Choose the correct answer:

1-  A patient comes in having had repeated colds and infections. Problems in his ear are shown to be due to accumulation of fluid in the middle ear. This is due to a blockage of the:

a. Saccule

b. Utricle

c.   External ear

d. Eustachian tube

e. Endolymphatic sac

2- Otoliths are normally located in:

a. the ampulla of semicircular canal

b. the utricle

c.   the modiolus

d. the cochlea

e. the endolymphatic sac

3- Variations in eye color are determined by the number of pigmented cells in :

a. the ciliary epithelium

b. the stria vascularis

c.   the iris stroma

d. the corneal stroma

e. the corneal epithelium

4- What type of glands are the glands of Moll?

a. an endocrine gland

b. an apocrine sweat gland

c. an oil gland

d. a sebaceous glands

e. an eccrine sweat gland

5- Concerning Muller’s cells, all are true except:

a. They share in the formation of the limiting membranes.

b. They are nerve cells.

c. They have long processes.

d. Their nuclei are present in the inner nuclear layer.

e. They are very long cells.

6- Albinos (people lacking melanocytes) are deaf. These cells are as part of:

a. the hair cells

b. the modiolus

c.   the spiral limbus

d. the stria vascularis

e. the basilar membrane

f.    the vestibular membrane

Key Answers:

1- d. Eustachian tube

2- b. the utricle

3- c. the iris stroma

4- b. An apocrine sweat gland

5- b.They are nerve cells.

6- d. the stria vascularis

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