weekly exam (Final short questions)

Mention the site and function (if applicable):

Questions with answers

  1. Herring canals: liver periphery of the hepatic lobules receive bile from canaliculi to interlobular ducts

  2. Herring bodies: pars nervosa accumulated secretion release oxytocin and vasopressin

  3. Pores of Khon: lung between walls of alveoli provide collateral circulation of air when a bronchiole is obstructed

  4. Aurbach and Meissner plexuses: Meissner submucosa of GIT control movement of muscularis mucosa, Aurbach between 2 layers of musculosa control movement of the musculosa

  5. EC cells: entero endocrine cells of small intestine, secretion of serotonin

  6. M cells: epithelium of small intestine, antigen presenting cell, phagocytosis

  7. Recto-anal junction: end of the digestive tube

  8. Appendices epiploicae: serosa of the colon, storage of fat

  9. Centroacinose cells: inside the acini of the pancreas

  10. Lipocytes: space of Disse, store fat and vitamin A

  11. Liver acinus: diamond shaped mass of liver tissue surrounding a central vascular core formed by terminal branches…. book page 60

  12. Castration cells: gonadotrophs in adenophypophysis after castration

  13. Pars intermedia: between pars nervosa and pars distalis redumentary in man secrete MSH

  14. Oxyphil and oxyntic cells: oxyphil parathyroid unknown function, oxyntic fundus of stomach secrete HCL

  15. Corpora aranacea and corpora amylacea: aranacea calcified material in pineal body, amylacea calcified secretion in main acini of prostate

  16. Lamina rara interna and externa: blood renal barrier basement membrane

  17. Lacis cells: extraglumerular mesangial cells in JG apparatus

  18. Mitochondrial sheath: middle piece of the sperm energy for movement

  19. Bruch’s membrane: choroid retinal barrier

  20. Enumerate in order the male genital ducts: 

a) Intratesticular: tubuli recti, rete testis

b) Extratesticular: vasa efferentia, epididymis, vas deferns, ejaculatory duct, male urethra

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