Urinary system


1. The striated appearance of the medullary pyramid is produced by parallel alignment of
  •  a) supporting connective tissue septa
  •  b) loops of Henle and collecting tubules
  •  c) chords/clumps of cells separated by capillaries
  •  d) medullary rays
  •  e) proximal and distal tubules
2. Which of the following is NOT true of the JG cell?
  •  a) They function as pressure or mechanoreceptors
  •  b) They are located in the tunica media of the afferent arteriole
  •  c) They stimulate the angiotensin system to regulate blood pressure
  •  d) They contain granules of stored renin
  •  e) All the statements are true
3. Which of the following is NOT true of proximal convoluted tubules?
  •  a) They are found in the cortex of the kidney lobe
  •  b) They are the longest tubule of the nephron
  •  c) They are surrounded by a thin layer of fibroelastic connective tissue
  •  d) The cells of tubules stain acidophilic
  •  e) The cells of tubules possess microvilli
4. In comparing the histology of the ureter and the bladder, the bladder is larger with an extra
  •  a)  dense fibroelastic connective tissue in the lamina propria
  •  b) submucosal layer
  •  c) irregularly shaped pieces of elastic cartilage
  •  d) mucus glands
  •  e) all of the above
5. Distal convoluted tubules differ from proximal convoluted tubules in that distal tubules
  •  a) have decreased cytoplasmic eosinophilia
  •  b) have epithelium lacking a brush border
  •  c) are smaller tubes with larger lumens
  •  d) function as osmoreceptors
  •  e) all of the above
6. The renal corpuscle
  •  a) is the blind end of a proximal convoluted tubule
  •  b) is composed of a parietal layer of simple squamous epithelium
  •  c) is composed of a visceral layer of podocytes
  •  d) contains a tuft of capillaries supported internally by mesangial cells
  •  e) all of the above
7. In the kidney, the large arteries that cross at the border of the cortex and medulla of each lobe are
  •  a) lobar arteries
  •  b) juxtamedullary arteries
  •  c) arcuate arteries
  •  d) interlobar arteries
  •  e) intralobar arteries
8. Podocytes
  •  a) make-up the visceral layer of Bowman’s capsule
  •  b) surround the continuous capillaries of the glomerulus
  •  c) possess numerous small projections producing filtration slits
  •  d) synthesize a thick fibroelastic basement membrane
  •  e) all of the above

1) b
2) e
3) c
4) a
5) e
6) a 
7) c
8) e

Urinary system micrographs