Male genital system

Testis MCQ:

1- Which one of the following statements regarding cells of the seminiferous epithelium is TRUE?
  •  A. Spermatogonia are confined to the compartment on the basal side of the blood-testis barrier
  •  B. Sustentacular (Sertoli) cells divide during each cycle of the seminiferous epithelium
  •  C. Type A dark cells give rise to large numbers of primary spermatocytes by repeated meiotic divisions
  •  D. Interstitial endocrine (Leydig) cells clump together on the luminal side of the blood-testis barrier
  •  E. Spermatids and nearly mature sperm are separated from spermatocytes by the blood- testis barrier
2. Which one of the following are the earliest cells of spermatogenesis?
  •  a. Primary spermatocytes
  •  b. Secondary spermatocytes
  •  c. Spermatids
  •  d. Spermatozoa
  •  e. Spermatogonia
3. Which cells are also called "nurse cells"?
  •  a. Interstitial cells
  •  b. Leydig cells
  •  c. Sertoli cells
  •  d. Spermatogonia
  •  e. Both c and d
4. What is the capsule that surrounds the testes?
  •  a. Tunica adventitia
  •  b. Tunica externa
  •  c. Tunica media
  •  d. Tunica intima
  •  e. Tunica albuginea
5. What is the "cap"at the anterior portion of a spermatazoon?
  •  a. Head
  •  b. Tail
  •  c. Acrosome
  •  d. End piece
  •  e. Middle piece
6- Which of the following are produced by the Sertoli cells?
  •  a. Inhibin
  •  b. Androgen binding protein
  •  c. Testosterone
  •  d. Both a and b
  •  e. All of the above
7- The blood-testis barrier is formed by:
  •  A. the basal lamina of the seminiferous tubules and gap junctions between Sertoli cells
  •  B. the basal lamina of the seminiferous tubules and surrounding myoid cells
  •  C. myofibroblasts surrounding the seminiferous tubules
  •  D. tight junctions between Sertoli cells
  •  E. tight junctions between capillary endothelial cells

Male genital system MCQ:

8- Small round cells in the basal compartment of seminiferous tubules are *
  •  a) sertoli cells
  •  b) spermatogonia
  •  c) spermatocytes
  •  d) spermatids
  •  e) sperm
9- The spermatic cord is *
  •  a) the site of testis development in the embryo
  •  b) the site os spermatogenesis in the testis
  •  c) the merging of the vas, urethra, and the main prostate duct
  •  d) the vas, blood vessels, and nerves wrapped with connective tissue
  •  e) the male tubular system consisting of the efferentes, epididymis, and vas
10- In males, the product of the second meiotic division is the
  •  a) secondary spermatocyte
  •  b) primary spermatocyte
  •  c) spermatid
  •  d) type B spermatogonia
  •  e) sperm
11- The cells within the seminiferous tubule with predominant nucleoli are
  •  a) sertoli cells
  •  b) spermatogonia
  •  c) primary spermatocytes
  •  d) leydig cells
  •  e) spermatids
  • 1) a
  • 2) e
  • 3) c
  • 4) e
  • 5) c
  • 6) c
  • 7) d
  • 8) b
  • 9) d
  • 10) c
  • 11) a