Digestive system "previous exams"

  1. What are the types, sites and functions of lingual papillae?
  2. Describe the cellular structure of the taste bud.
  3. Follow up the epithelial lining of the ductal system of the human parotid gland.
  4. How do you identify the mucous acinus under the microscope?
  5. Mention 4 histological characteristics of the parotid serous acinus.
  6. In a table form, mention the main differences between serous and mucous acini.
  7. Enumerate 4 histological characteristics of stomach fundic glands.
  8. Enumerate with reference to function the cellular pattern of the stomach fundic glands.
  9. Mention 4 histological characteristics of stomach oxyntic cells.
  10. What are the main characteristics of the pyloric glands?
  11. Enumerate the types and functions of cells lining the small intestine.
  12. What are the histological characteristics of the crypts of the large intestine? enumerate the cells lining the crypts.
  13. What are the types, percentage and the functions of the different cells in the Islets of Langerhans?
  14. In a table form, mention four histological differences between the parotid and pancreas.
  15. What are the main components of the space of Disse?
  16. Mention 4 most prominent organelles in hepatocytes with reference to their function in the liver.
  17. Mention the duct system of the biliary passages with reference to the lining epithelium.