Ancient Egyptian History (1) EA205

This course examines the history of ancient Egypt in the Old Kingdom, the 1st Intermediate Period, and the Middle Kingdom. It examines the most important features and characteristics of the ancient Egyptian history via its different material cultures and archaeological sources.

Religion in Ancient Egypt (536)

This course focuses on 'the ancient Egyptian religion'. It gives the 1st year student of the Diploma of the Egyptian archaeology a solid background on the ancient Egyptian religion, including the idea of god in ancient Egypt, how were the ancient Egyptian religious, the books of the afterlife, the different criteria which are used to attest a cult of a god or a goddess in ancient Egypt.

Ancient Egyptian archaeology (EA 207)

This subject investigates the architecture and the art of the Middle Kingdom and the 2nd Intermediate Period. It is for the students of the 2nd year BA. It tackles the monuments of the MK and SIP including the pyramids, non-royal tombs, royal and non-royal statues and masterpieces.

Archaeological Texts in a European Language (213)

The course is taught through 12 three hours lectures at CU. The first lecture is an introductory.

Ancient Egyptian Archaeology (EA203)

This course focuses on the architecture and the art of the Old Kingdom and the I st Intermediate Period. It is a compulsory subject.

Aims and objectives of course: