Impact of Psycho Educational Program on Burdens Among Family Caregivers of Schizophrenic Patients

Aziz, E. A. E. M., N. M. Abdelkader, and M. O.Shaheen, "Impact of Psycho Educational Program on Burdens Among Family Caregivers of Schizophrenic Patients", Journal of American science, 2011.


The aim of the study was to investigate the effect of designed psycho educational program on improving patient symptoms and reducing caregiving burdens among family caregivers with chronic schizophrenic Patients. The study was conducted in out patient department at Abassia hospital, four developed tools used to collect data, socio demographic and medical data sheet , and assessment of negative symptoms for schizophrenic patient , socio demographic data sheet for caregivers , and tool to measure burdens among caregivers, quazi- experimental design(pre ,post and follow up test ) was used in this study ;the researcher selected 40 chronic schizophrenic patients with their family caregivers, based on inclusion and exclusion criteria for both, and with random assignment the sample divided into the control and the experimental group, 10sessions(one session every other week ) were done in this program for study group for 45-60 minute for each one . The main results revealed that there were no statistically significant differences among groups; the designed program had an effective impact on reducing caregivers burdens in relation to recreational family activity, family interaction within and out side the family, physical health and psychological health of the family members. In addition, family burden decreased in relation to the improvement of patient's symptoms. This study concluded that, When relatives of patients with schizophrenia have enough knowledge and efficient skills to deal with patient problems, it