The Dramatic Phenomena in Hausa Literature - Literary Study

El-Magied, V. S. A., and S. I. Salama, The Dramatic Phenomena in Hausa Literature - Literary Study, , Egypt, Cairo University, 2012.

Thesis Type:

M.Sc Thesis


The aim of this study is to shed light on the aspects of Hausa Drama as an
example of the African Drama through analyzing its different stages of
development and discussing three Hausa namely:
1. Wasan Marafa.
2. Matar Mutum Kabarinsa.
3. Taka Tsan- Tsan.
This study depends on an integrative approach. The study is divided into 3
sections: introduction, 3 chapters, and conclusion. The study adresses the factors
behind developing Hausa drama as follows:
The first chapter: discusses the main aspects of Hausa drama and litetrature in
the light of African literature. It also discusses the origins of Hausa drama and
The second chapter: sheds light on the different stage characterizing the
development of traditional, new and contemporay Hausa drama.
The third chapter: discusses the artistic techniques of Hausa plays through
analyzing the artistic structure of such plays. It also deals with the issues of
content of Hausa plays with regard to how the playwright composed the contents
of their plays.

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