Botanical Studies on two Species of Senna Mill

Ibrahim, H. M. S., M. A. E. - A. A. Nassar, and H. R. H. Ramdan, Botanical Studies on two Species of Senna Mill, , Egypt, Cairo University, 2012.

Thesis Type:

M.Sc Thesis


Most of Senna species including those under study formerly belonged to the
genus Cassia until reassigned recently to follow the genus Senna, but this process
is not entirely complete and some corrections may still take place. Thus, any new
information about Senna plants are urgently to be welcomed. It is aimed in this
study to bring to light more information about the morphology and anatomy of two
Senna species belong to the family Caesalpiniaceae, namely; Senna occidentalis
(L.) Link and Senna sophera (L.) Roxb. This would be an effort to proper
delimitation of these species in the genus Senna which are of great interest from an
economic and medicinal point of view. The morphology of vegetative growth
included: plant height, length and diameter of the main stem, number of internodes
of the main stem, number of primary branches developed on the main stem,
lengths of primary branches at maturity, fresh weight of leafless shoot per plant,
total number of leaves per plant, total leaf area per plant and fresh weight of leaves
per plant. Moreover, keen observations and descriptive morphology of the root and
the shoot were under consideration. The morphology of reproductive growth
included: flower bud differentiation, full blooming, fruit set and maturity. In
addition, the yield characters at harvest time.

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