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Elawady, A. F. F., E. A. Aziz, A. A. Swelem, and M. El-Zawahry, "Bone reaction around early-loaded mini implants supporting mandibular over dentures with different protective occlusal schemes", Journal of American Science, vol. 7, issue 11, 2011. AbstractCU-PDF

The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of the lingualized versus monoplane occlusal scheme on the supporting bone around early-loaded mini implants supporting mandibular over-dentures. Patients and methods; Fourteen completely edentulous male patients were divided randomly into two equal groups. Four mini implants were installed in each patient at the inter-foramina area. Group 1 patients received mini implant supported mandibular over-dentures with their occlusal scheme set according to the lingualized occlusal concept. Group 2 patients received mini implant supported mandibular over-dentures with their occlusal scheme set according to the monoplane occlusal concept. The early loading protocol was implemented & cases were evaluated radiographically using the Digora computerized system at the time of denture insertion (0), (3), (6) and (9) months after denture delivery. Results; There was no statistically significant difference between the bone height measurements of the two groups. As regards the bone density, it was decreased during the first three months in both groups. This was followed by a gradual increase with the greater increase being recorded for group 1 (lingualized occlusal scheme) followed by group 2 (mono plane occlusal scheme). There was a statistically significant difference between the two groups at the end of the study period only. Conclusion; A more favorable bone reaction was achieved in the ligualized occlusal scheme group than in the monoplane occlusal scheme group. Recommendation; Whenever possible, the ligualized occlusal scheme should be adopted than the monoplane occlusal scheme as the preferred occlusal concept of mini implant supported mandibular over-dentures if they are intended to be early loaded. Keywords: Over-denture; Bone reaction; Mini implants; Early loading; Monoplane; Lingualized scheme; Digora

Elawady, A. F. F., E. A. Aziz, A. A. Swelem, and M. El-Zawahry, "Bone Reaction Around Early-Loaded Mini Implants Supporting Mandibular Over Dentures With Different Protective Occlusal Schemes", Journal of American Science, vol. 7, issue 11, 2011. AbstractCU-PDF

The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of the lingualized versus monoplane occlusal scheme on the supporting bone around early-loaded mini implants supporting mandibular over-dentures. Patients and methods; Fourteen completely edentulous male patients were divided randomly into two equal groups. Four mini implants were installed in each patient at the inter-foramina area. Group 1 patients received mini implant supported mandibular over-dentures with their occlusal scheme set according to the lingualized occlusal concept. Group 2 patients received mini implant supported mandibular over-dentures with their occlusal scheme set according to the monoplane occlusal concept. The early loading protocol was implemented & cases were evaluated

Kamal, M., Y. H. Shaaban, M. S. A. T. El-Kashif, E. E. Habib, K. A. Gabal, and S. El-Naggar, "BRCA1 Gene Expression in Relation to Prognostic Parameters of Breast Cancer", Oncol Rev, vol. 5, pp. 149-155, 2011. AbstractCU-PDF

The tumor suppressor gene, BRCA1 has been conferred to increase the susceptibility to breast cancer in younger women. This work studied the expression of BRCA1 (mRNA) in women with breast cancer in relation to other prognostic parameters such as histological type and grade of cancer, hormone receptor status, human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2/neu) and CA15-3. Thirty patients with positive family history of breast cancer and a control group of 20 healthy subjects were also included for the study. Ribonucleic acid (RNA) extraction from breast cancer tissues was done (considered suitable for RNA extraction if 70% or more of the tissue section contained tumor) and was followed by real-time reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction. BRCA1 expression was assessed and correlated with age, histological type and grade of breast cancer, estrogen and progesterone receptor (ER, PR)

Greco, L., L. Timpone, A. Abkari, M. Abu-Zekry, T. Attard, F. Bouguerr, P. Cullufi, A. Kansu, D. Micetic-Turk, Z. Mišak, et al., "Burden of Celiac Disease in the Mediterranean Area", World Journal of Gastroenterology, vol. 17, issue 45, pp. 4971-4978, 2011. AbstractCU-PDF

Aim: To estimate the burden of undiagnosed celiac disease (CD) in the Mediterranean area in terms of morbidity, mortality and health cost.

Youssef, M. A. F. M., S. Khattab, I. A. Mohsen, A. I. Foutouh, H. S. Ashmawi, M. N. Mohsen, M. van Wely, and F. van der Veen, "Can Metformin Reduce the Incidence of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus in Pregnant Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome? Prospective Cohort Study", Gynecological endocrinology, vol. 27, issue 10, pp. 789-793, 2011. CU-PDF
Abdelbary, A., W. Ayoub, Y. Nassar, and K. Hussein, Can we predict left ventricular dysfunction-induced weaning failure? Invasive and echocardiographic evaluation, , vol. 15, issue 1, 2011. cu_pdf.pdf
E.H., M., S. M.M., M. J., R. A.H., and F. J.E., "Caries Experience of Egyptian Adolescents: does the Atraumatic Restorative Treatment Approach Offer A Solution?", Medical Principles and Practice, 2011. AbstractCU-PDF

Objectives: To assess the prevalence and severity of dental caries amongst Egyptian adolescents and the prevalence of carious lesions treatable through the atraumatic restorative treatment (ART) approach.

Maamoun, H. A. H., A. R. Soliman, and R. E. Sherif, "Carriage of Staphylococcus Aureus in the Nose of Patients on Regular Dialysis Treatment using Hemodialysis Catheters", Hemodialysis International, vol. 15, issue 4, pp. 563–567, 2011. AbstractCU-PDF

In the hemodialysis population, the incidence of Staphylococcus aureus colonization has been documented to be as high as 80%; effective prophylaxis of vascular access infection and bacteremia is a worthwhile goal in the management of hemodialysis population. Surveillance of 50 hemodialysis patients for S. aureus-positive nasal cultures was performed by monthly nasal swabs over a 12-month period. All patients were performing dialysis using hemodialysis catheters thrice weekly. All positive cultures were treated with a prophylactic antibiotic regimen. Thirty-one patients (62%) had one or more positive cultures. The surveillance period was longer in the S. aureus nasal carriers (p< 0.01). The frequency of positive cultures correlated with the duration of surveillance (p < 0.05). The incidence of S. aureus bacteremia was greater in patients with three or more positive cultures (p< 0.05). This study suggests that continuous surveillance for S. aureus nasal colonization is essential to properly identify all hemodialysis patients using catheters at risk of developing S. aureus bacteremias.

Gheita, T. A., and H. Hussein, "Cartilage Oligomeric Matrix Protein (COMP) in Systemic Sclerosis (SSc): Role in Disease Severity and Subclinical Rheumatoid Arthritis Overlap", Joint Bone Spine, vol. 79, issue 1, pp. 51–56, 2011. AbstractCU-PDF

Objective: The aim of the present study was to compare the serum level of COMP in both subsets of Systemic sclerosis (SSc) as a marker of arthritis and reveal an associated subclinical RA overlap and a relation to clinical, laboratory and radiological findings in SSc.

Hammad, O. M., T. Hifnawy, D. Omran, M. A. E. Tantawi, and N. I. Girgis, "Ceftriaxone versus Chloramphenicol for Treatment of Acute Typhoid Fever", Life Science Journal, vol. 8, issue 2, pp. 100-105, 2011. Abstractcu_pdf.pdf

Typhoid fever is a global health problem, with an estimated 20 million cases and 700.000 deaths annually. In Egypt, since the beginning of the 1980s, there has been an increase in the prevalence of multidrug resistance to the first line antimicrobials used in the treatment of the disease such as chloramphenicol, ampicillin and trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole (TMP-SMX) and thus other drugs , the fluoroquinolones and third generation cephalosporins, had to be evaluated for their efficacy in the treatment and their side effects. The aim of this study was to compare the efficacy of chloramphenicol, which was the classical drug for treatment of acute typhoid fever in Abbassia fever hospital (AFH) and many parts of the world where typhoid fever is endemic, with ceftriaxone which became a first line drug for treatment of it after the appearance of multidrug resistant MDR isolates of Salmonella typhi (S. typhi )in the last fifteen years.

Youssef, M. A. F. M., "Cervical Twin Ectopic Pregnancy After In Vitro Fertilization-Embryo Transfer (IVF-ET): Case Report", Gynecological endocrinology, vol. 27, issue 12, pp. 1007-1009, 2011. AbstractCU-PDF

Introduction: Cervical twin ectopic pregnancy after IVF-ET is rare and catastrophic complication. However, here is no consensus on the best treatment strategy. Patient and Method: Case report of cervical twin ectopic pregnancy after IVF-ET treated by transvaginal ultrasoundguided aspiration plus systemic single injection of methotrexate, which followed by full-term delivery in next IVF-ET cycle. Conclusion: Transvaginal ultrasound-guided aspiration and systemic methotrexate administration can be safely and easily used to treat cervical ectopic pregnancies and to preserve the fertility of the patient without any major complications.

Porter, J. B., M. Evangeli, and A. El-Beshlawy, "The Challenges of Adherence and Persistence With Iron Chelation Therapy", International Journal of Hematology, vol. 94, issue 5, pp. 453-460, 2011. AbstractCU-PDF

Due to advances in medical sciences, many chronic diseases that formerly resulted in early death can now be effectively managed with long-term treatment regimens. Patients with potentially fatal anemias, for example, can be treated with ongoing blood transfusions and iron chelation therapy. Ensuring adherence and persistence is challenging, as the benefits of therapy are not perceived immediately. Poor adherence severely compromises the effectiveness of treatment and, therefore improving compliance in terms of quality of life and health economics is critical. Although adherence to chelation therapy is generally poor, the availability of oral iron chelators may help to improve patient compliance. For chronic conditions such as thalassemia major, even when oral chelation therapy is available, support by an integrated team including a clinical psychologist and nurse specialist working with the treatment center is recommended to achieve optimal results

A., A., and F. M.A., "Changes in Binocular Function in Anisometropic Nonstrabismic Children with Optical Correction and Occlusion Therapy", Journal of American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus, vol. 15, issue 6, pp. 545–550, 2011. AbstractCU-PDF

Purpose: To identify factors that influence binocular function in anisometropic, nonstrabismic children before and after optical correction and amblyopia therapy

Eid, G. E. H., and S. A. W. Amin, "Changes in diameter, cross-sectional area, and extent of canal-wall touching on using 3 instrumentation techniques in long-oval canals", Oral Surgery, Oral Medicine, Oral Pathology, Oral Radiology, and Endodontology, vol. 112, issue 5, pp. 688–695, 2011. CU-PDF.pdf
H, A. - I., W. A, and P. P., "Changing Attitudes in Ovarian Stimulation", Women's Health Journal, vol. 7, issue 5, pp. 505–507, 2011. AbstractCU-PDF

GnRH agonists have been the standard treatment for controlled ovarian stimulation in assisted reproduction because of the associated increase in pregnancy rates. However, a drawback of such protocol was the associated increased incidence of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome.

Eissa, S. S., N. M. El-Bolkainy, and M. S. Eissa, "Chapter 7: Schistosomasis and Bladder Cancer", Schistosomasis InTech Open access, Rijeka, InTech Europe, 2011. AbstractCU-PDF

Schistosomiasis also known as bilharziasis is a parasitic disease that dates back to antiquity. The ancient Egyptians, through settling and cultivating the Nile valley, were among the first to contract the disease. Thus, the main symptom hematuria was mentioned in Egyptian papyri (1500-1800 B.C.), and schistosome eggs were identified in Egyptian mummies through paleopathologic studies. In 1852, Theodor Bilharz, a German pathologist working in Cairo, discovered the worms in the portal circulation and was the first to describe the Pathology of the disease. Ferguson in 1911 was the first to report on the high frequency of bladder cancer in Egypt and to suggest an etiologic relation with urinary Schistosomiasis, a fact which is now generally accepted (Bolkainy & Chu 1981a). The aim of this article is to review the pathobiology of Schistosoma associated bladder cancer (SACB), describe the relationship between Schistiosomiasis and bladder cancer with respect to the mechanisms of carcinogenesis with emphasis on special features of SABC and recent methods of early detection.

Mahmoud, G. A., H. S. Zayed, M. M. Sherif, and M. M. Mostafa, "Characteristics of Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients with Concomitant Hepatitis C Virus Infection", The Egyptian Rheumatologist, vol. 33, issue 3, pp. 139–145, 2011. AbstractCU-PDF

Introduction: Hepatitis C virus (HCV) is frequently associated with rheumatic autoimmune manifestations including rheumatoid-like arthritis.

ElMeshad, A. N., and A. E. S. Hagrasy, "Characterization and Optimization of Orodispersible Mosapride Film Formulations", AAPS PharmSciTech, vol. 12, issue 4, pp. 1384-1392, 2011. AbstractCU-PDF

Orodispersible film (ODF) technology offers new possibilities for drug delivery by providingthe advantages of oral delivery coupled with the enhanced onset of action and convenience to specialpatient categories such as pediatrics and geriatrics. In this study,mosapride (MOS) was formulated inan ODF preparation that can be used for treatment of patients who suffer

Badawi, A. A., M. A. El-Nabarawi, D. A. El-Setouhy, and S. A. Alsammit, "Characterization and Stability Testing of Itraconazole Solid Dispersions Containing Crystallization Inhibitors", American Journal of Drug Discovery and Development, 2011. AbstractCU-PDF

The aim of the present study was to enhance the dissolution rate of itraconazole (ITZ) by a simple solid dispersion method (melt method). Binary and ternary ITZ systems were prepared using different polymers including crystallization inhibiting polymers (Pluronic F68, Pluronic F127, Eudragit EPO, and polyvinyl pyyrolidone K25) at different ratios. The prepared solid

Al- Nahas, M. O., M. M. Darwish, A. E. Ali, and M. A. Amin, "Characterization of an exopolysaccharide-producing marine bacterium, isolate Pseudoalteromonas sp. AM", African Journal of Microbiology Research, vol. 5, issue 22, pp. 3823-3831, 2011. AbstractCU-PDF

A marine exopolysaccharide (EPS) producing bacterium was isolated from a sponge sample at about 16 m depth in red sea (Huraghada, Egypt). Phenotypic characterization demonstrated that, the bacterium is a gram negative rod motile by means of single polar flagellum, showing wide range of carbohydrate utilization. Phylogenetic analysis based on 16S Ribosomal deoxyribonucleic acid (rDNA) sequence revealed 99% homology with Pseudoalteromonas sp., accordingly the name Pseudoalteromonas sp. AM was proposed. Maximum EPS productivity was achieved after 7 days at pH 7, agitation of 150 rpm in a fermentation medium containing glucose, meat extract

AR, Z., B. AA, H. MM, H. ZK, K. M, L. SA, S. GM, E. - Z. AR, and D. SS., "Characterization of Chronic HCV Infection-Induced Apoptosis", Zekri et al. Comparative Hepatology, vol. 10, issue 4, 2011. AbstractCU-PDF

Background: To understand the complex and largely not well-understood apoptotic pathway and immune system evasion mechanisms in hepatitis C virus (HCV)-associated hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) and HCV associated chronic hepatitis (CH), we studied the expression patterns of a number of pro-apoptotic and anti-apoptotic genes (Fas, FasL, Bcl-2, Bcl-xL and Bak) in HepG2 cell line harboring HCV- genotype-4 replication. For confirmation, we also assessed the expression levels of the same group of genes in clinical samples obtained from 35 HCC and 34 CH patients.

M., K. M., "Cheatle-Cutler's Disease of the Breast (Plasma Cell Mastitis): Kenawi's Clinical Categorization", GoArticles (Health / Cancer), 2011. AbstractCU-PDF.pdf

Plasma-cell Mastitis (Cheatle-Cutler's Disease of the Breast) is a rare but relatively important disease of the female breast. Because of its rarity it is poorly understood. It was first named by Cheatle and Cutler in tlheir book on 'Tumors of the Breast'. Adair was the first to call attention to its importance. These lesions may recur in the same or opposite breast. Their recurrence may take the original or a different form (e.g. a lobular plasma cell mastitis may recur as a contiguous multi-lobar plasma cell mastitis and vice versa). It may affect one breast and later appear in the opposite breast. Bilateral involvement has been reported.This lesion derives its importance from the fact that it has been repeatedly mistaken for breast carcinoma and has been treated as such.This mistake is liable to repeatedly occur again if frozen section biopsy of breast masses is neglected. I therefore report my clinical experience over a period of 43 years on this subject on the hope that clinical awareness will prohibit iatrogenic liabilities and errors.

El-Sayed, E. - S. M., A. - A. H. Abdel-Aziz, S. Saleh, and A. S. Saad, "The Chemopreventive Effect of Dimethylthiourea Against Carmustine-Induced Myelotoxicity in Rats", Food and Chemical Toxicology, vol. 49, issue 9, pp. 1965–1969, 2011. AbstractCU-PDF

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El-Abiad, N., W. M.Hanna, A. Ahmed, H. Waheed, and O. Shaker, "Chlamydia Pneumonia Infection and Possible Relationship to Childhood Bronchial Asthma", Journal of American Science, vol. 7, issue 6, pp. 593-599, 2011. CU-PDF
Sayed, M. E. M., E. A. Aziz, and I. abd El-Wahab, "The Choice between Mandibular Advancement Devices and Bite Openers for Treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea Patients", Journal of American Science, vol. 7, issue 11, pp. 178-185, 2011. AbstractCU-PDF

Purpose: The aim of this study was to evaluate and compare the effect of changing either the amount of mandibular protrusion or the vertical jaw separation on apnea/hypopnea index (AHI) and snoring index (SI) In patients suffering from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).