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Al-Bardah, S. H., M. S. Shenouda, and Heba Magdy, Assessment of Nurses' Awareness Regarding Mother and Child Rights at Al-Sabaeen Hospital in Sana'a-Yemen, , vol. 80, issue 2, 2012. cu_pdf.pdf
Marzouk, A. M. A., S. A. E. - K. Hassan, A. A. A. E. - Hamid, and H. M. Gaafar, Assessment of Risk Factors for Fetal Congenital Anomalies Among Pregnant Women at El-Manial University Hospital, , Egypt, Cairo University, 2012. Abstractamany_mosad_ahmed_marzouk.pdf

Background, congenital anomaly is a defect that is present at birth,
and can result from either genetic, environmental factors, or both. Aim, was to
assess the risk factors which may lead to fetal congenital anomalies. Design, a
descriptive research design was adopted. Sample, a total of 265 pregnant women
were recruited according to the following criteria: pregnant in a fetus with a
congenital anomaly; at any reproductive age; no specific gravidity or parity; single
or multiple gestations. Setting, Fetal Medicine Unit at El-Manial University
Hospital. Tools, two tools were constructed and filled in by the researcher: 1) fetal
assessment sheet 2) interviewing questionnaire schedule. Results, age range of the
pregnant women was 17-44 years with a mean of 26.63 ± 5.37 years. Seventeen
percent of them cannot read and write while, 20% had university education. Renal
anomalies, central nervous system (CNS), muscloskeletal , and cardiovascular
anomalies were the most common congenital anomalies constituted 36.6%, 34.7%,
20.8%, 10.6% respectively of the total anomalies. Regarding to risk factors for
congenital anomalies, 45.7% of the pregnant women had first degree
consanguinity, 16.6% had a family history of a congenital anomalies, 19.2% had a
previous child with a congenital anomalies, 29.1% gave a history of consuming
drugs during present pregnancy, 18.5% of the pregnant women live near industrial
source and 21.5% of them experienced infection during present pregnancy.
Conclusion, renal, CNS and muscloskeletal anomalies were the most common
type of congenital anomalies. Positive consanguinity, family history for congenital
anomalies, previous child with a congenital anomaly, consuming drugs during
pregnancy, living near industrial source and exposure to infections during
pregnancy, were the most common risk factors associated with congenital
anomalies. Recommendations, premarital examination for consanguineous
marriages should be encouraged. Antenatal care is very important for suspection
and early detection of congenital anomalies.

Aly, N., S. A. Latief, A. A. Latief, and A. R. E. Naggar, Assessment of Suicidality Risk Factors and Its Management at Poison Control, , vol. 9, issue 8, pp. 724-728, 2012. Abstractcu_pdf.pdf

This study aimed at assessing the suicidality risk factors and its management among adolescents. A descriptive correlational design was utilized in this study. Convenient sample consisted of 300 suicidal attempters was selected; who were admitted to Poison Control Center, Cairo University over a period of three months. Tools for data collection; Socio-demographic/medical data sheet, Perceived Social Support Scale, Beck Depressive Inventory Scale, Beck Suicidal Ideation Scale, Life Stressors questionnaire and Management questionnaire, Results revealed that most of attempters were female adolescents, showed a higher tendency to be single, unemployed, moderate education , resided urban areas, using drug self poisoning ,showed none previous attempts ,high suicidal ideation , moderate depression and the most prominent problems were family problems. Attempters found to have received low family support, high friend support and receive only medical management. Suicide attempters need social and emotional support from their significant others.

Ibrahim, H. M. S., M. A. E. - A. A. Nassar, and H. R. H. Ramdan, Botanical Studies on two Species of Senna Mill, , Egypt, Cairo University, 2012. Abstracthend_mohammad_saad_ibrahim.pdf

Most of Senna species including those under study formerly belonged to the
genus Cassia until reassigned recently to follow the genus Senna, but this process
is not entirely complete and some corrections may still take place. Thus, any new
information about Senna plants are urgently to be welcomed. It is aimed in this
study to bring to light more information about the morphology and anatomy of two
Senna species belong to the family Caesalpiniaceae, namely; Senna occidentalis
(L.) Link and Senna sophera (L.) Roxb. This would be an effort to proper
delimitation of these species in the genus Senna which are of great interest from an
economic and medicinal point of view. The morphology of vegetative growth
included: plant height, length and diameter of the main stem, number of internodes
of the main stem, number of primary branches developed on the main stem,
lengths of primary branches at maturity, fresh weight of leafless shoot per plant,
total number of leaves per plant, total leaf area per plant and fresh weight of leaves
per plant. Moreover, keen observations and descriptive morphology of the root and
the shoot were under consideration. The morphology of reproductive growth
included: flower bud differentiation, full blooming, fruit set and maturity. In
addition, the yield characters at harvest time.

Tawfik, N. M., and A. S. Nasr, "Comparative Study Between Intravenous and Subcutaneous Administration of Cladribine in Treatment of Hairy Cell Leukemia Patients", Comparative Clinical Pathology, vol. 21, issue 6, pp. 1269-1274, 2012. AbstractCU-PDF

Cladribine is a cytotoxic agent with high activity in hematological malignancies. It is usually administered intravenously. The study was carried out on 20 Egyptian hairy cell leukemia cases; 17 cases were de novo, and 3 cases were relapsed. Four (20%) were treated with IV cladribine, and 16 (80%) were treated with subcutaneous (SC) cladribine. An average duration of response was 36 months with no relapses in cases receiving IV cladribine vs. 25% relapse rate in cases receiving SC cladribine, with no significant difference between them. The subcutaneous administration of cladribine has a positive benefit/risk ratio in the treatment of patients with hairy cell leukemia.

Ali, S. M. H., N. E. - D. Tawfik, and R. M. El-Nashar, Construction and Performance Characteristics of New Ion Selective Electrodes Based on Carbon Nanotubes for Determination of Meclofenoxate Hydrochloride and Selegiline Hydrochloride, , Egypt, Cairo University, 2012. Abstractsherif_mohamed_hassan_ali.pdf

The presented thesis describes the preparation and investigation of the
performance characteristics of new plastic membrane electrodes, carbon paste
electrodes and carbon nanotubes chemically modified carbon paste electrodes for
potentiometric determination of meclofenoxate hydrochloride (MecloCl) and
selegiline hydrochloride (SelCl). In these electrodes, the active element is
polyvinyl chloride (PVC) membrane as in case of plastic membrane electrodes that
plasticized with dioctyl adipate (DOA) containing an ion-exchanger of the
investigated drug with phosphomolybdic acid (PMA) or phosphotungstic acid
(PTA). Carbon paste electrodes presented low cost and easy construction by
simple mixing of graphite powder with dioctyladipate (DOA) as a plasticizer and
an ion-exchanger of the investigated drugs with phosphomolybdic acid (PMA) or
phosphotungstic acid (PTA). The same procedure is done for carbon nanotubes
chemically modified carbon paste electrodes with addition certain amount of
multi-wall carbon nanotubes which have excellent effect for improving the
performance characteristics of the studied electrodes for determination the
investigated drugs. Carbon nanotubes chemically modified carbon paste electrodes
have better conductivity, higher potential responses, faster response time, longer
operational lifetime and wider linear concentration range than carbon paste
electrodes due to carbon nanotubes possess unique geometric, mechanical,
electronic, and chemical properties as high mechanical strength, high electrical
conductivity, high thermal conductivity and high surface area.

El-Halim, M. W. A. E. - M. A., and M. A. E. - H. Ramadan, Crimes of General Tax Evasion on Sales, Issued by Law 11 of 1991, and its Amended, , Egypt, Cairo University, 2012. Abstractmohamed_wadea_abd_el-moneim_abd_el-halim.pdf

The subject of this study Addresses to examine the crimes of evasion of the law
of the general sales tax, and its problematic is to discuss the criminality focus in
this law, and discuss of evasion crimes and penalties thereon, and the criminal
adversarial in prosecution of criminal tax, the importance of the study represent in
obvious the problems faced by the criminal protection of the tax authority of the
State on the one hand, and the- financial rights of individuals on the other.
The study was divided into an introductory chapter and two sections:
Introductory chapter: the general provisions of the sales tax .
Section I: substantive provisions of crimes of tax evasion on sales .
Section II: the procedural and punitive provisions for tax evasion crimes.
The study recommended the reorganization of certain provisions of the Sales
Tax Act, and of that the partner is investigated in crime in solidarity with the
person who evasion of tax in compliance with the performance of the tax and
surtax. We recommend amending the text of Article (43, 45) of this law on the
additional tax.

El-Magied, V. S. A., and S. I. Salama, The Dramatic Phenomena in Hausa Literature - Literary Study, , Egypt, Cairo University, 2012. Abstractvevreen_saad_abd_el-magied.pdf

The aim of this study is to shed light on the aspects of Hausa Drama as an
example of the African Drama through analyzing its different stages of
development and discussing three Hausa namely:
1. Wasan Marafa.
2. Matar Mutum Kabarinsa.
3. Taka Tsan- Tsan.
This study depends on an integrative approach. The study is divided into 3
sections: introduction, 3 chapters, and conclusion. The study adresses the factors
behind developing Hausa drama as follows:
The first chapter: discusses the main aspects of Hausa drama and litetrature in
the light of African literature. It also discusses the origins of Hausa drama and
The second chapter: sheds light on the different stage characterizing the
development of traditional, new and contemporay Hausa drama.
The third chapter: discusses the artistic techniques of Hausa plays through
analyzing the artistic structure of such plays. It also deals with the issues of
content of Hausa plays with regard to how the playwright composed the contents
of their plays.

Ahmad, A. A. E. - M. K., M. H. E. - S. Badawie, and M. A. Oteafy, The Effect of a Program Based on Curiosity in Developing some Cognitive Processes and Thinking Skills for Pupils of the Preparatory Stage, , Egypt, Cairo University, 2012. Abstractassem_abd_el-mageed_kamel_ahmad.pdf

The current study aims at studying the effect of a program based on Curiosity
in developing Attention, Visual perception and Critical thinking for pupils of the
preparatory stage. Sample of the study consisted of (30) pupils of the second year
of the prep. Stage as a Control group, and (30) pupils as an Experimental group.
The current study reached differences between the pre-measuring and the post
measuring for the experimental group in (Attention, Visual perception and Critical
thinking) variables in favor of the post measuring, also The study reached
differences in the post measuring between the Experimental and Control groups in
favor of Experimental group in (Attention, Visual perception and Critical thinking)

Ahmed, H. M. A., A. A. Madkour, and A. G. Geith, The Effect of a Suggested Program for Teaching Novel Based on Language Decision Making Approach in Developing the First Year Secondary School Students' Critical Reading Skill, and its Achievement of the Standards Document for EFL Learning, , Egypt, Cairo University, 2012. Abstractheba_moustafa_abdullah_ahmed.pdf

This study investigated the effect of a LDM based program for teaching novel
in developing first year secondary experimental school students’ critical
reading skills. The sample of the study consisted of a group of sixty two first year
secondary experimental school students selected from one of Cairo secondary
schools, namely EL-Salam Secondary School for Girls. The sample of the study
was assigned to an experimental and a control group (thirty one students in each
group). The study also aimed to measure the effect of the proposed program in
relation to content standards document for pre- university (EFL education). A
critical reading checklist and a pre-post critical reading test were used as tools of
the study. Based on the study results, the proposed LDM program proved to have a
large effect in developing EFL critical reading skills as well as achieving the
targeted content standards document for pre- university (EFL education). In
addition, most of the students got satisfactory results.

Hamid, N. A. E. F. A. E., H. E. Obaya, and H. M. Gaafar, Effect of Acupressure on Labor pain and Duration of Delivery among laboring Women Attending Cairo University Hospital, , vol. 1, issue 1, 2012. Abstract23.pdf

Background: Labor pain management continues to be a challenge for maternity nurses & physician caring for women during labor and birth process. Aim: The aim of the study was to examine the effect of acupressure at sanyinjiao point (SP6) on labor pains and the duration of delivery in primigravida women. Methods: This study was conducted at labor and delivery unit at Cairo University hospital. One hundred (100) women in labor were randomly selected (50 women for each group). Labor pain and progress were measured using a structured questionnaire, partograph and subjective labor pain scale (visual-analogue scale [VAS]): before intervention, immediately after the intervention, 30 minutes, 60 minutes and 120 minutes after intervention. Results: There were significant differences between groups in subjective labor pain scores at all time points following the intervention: immediately after the intervention (p< 0.004); 30 minutes after the intervention (p = 0.002); 60 minutes after the intervention (p = 0.02); and 120 minutes after the intervention (p = 0.03). The total labor duration (3 cm dilatation to delivery) was significantly shorter in the SP6 acupressure intervention group than in the control group (p = 0.03). Conclusion: The findings showed that SP6 acupressure was effective related to the reduction of labor pains, and duration of delivery. SP6 acupressure during labor could be applied as an effective non pharmacological management during labor.

Gaber, N. M., D. Z. A. - H. Osman, D. E. A. - W. Khalil, and D. M. M. Arafa, The Effect of Reminiscence on Self-Esteem, Depression, and Life Satisfaction Among Elderly People, , 2012. cu-pdf.pdf
El-Sawy, R. E. - S. E. - S. M., and B. H. Botrus, The Effectiveness of a Program to Develop Auditory Perception and Readiness to Read for the Kindergarten Child with Learning Difficulties, , Egypt, Cairo University, 2012. Abstractrehab_el-said_el-sawy_mohamed_el-sawy.pdf

Hence this study is to answer the main question: Can the used program that
lead to the development of auditory perception and reading readiness of
kindergarteners with learning difficulties? The final study sample consists of (21)
children from the second year of kindergarten in Alexandria who suffer from
deficiencies in their the academic skills of audio perception and reading readiness,
whose ages range between the ages of time (5-6) years, Achieving the objectives
of the study requires the use of certain tools and the following standards:
l) Stanford scale-home of intelligence, the fourth image: prepared by Louis
Malika (1998).
2) Measure of the social economic, and cultural measure of the Egyptian
family: prepared by / Mohamed Bayoumi Khalil (2000).
3) A list of early detection of developmental learning difficulties inprschool
children: prepared by Suheir Kamel (2010).
4) A Battery for those with developmental learning difficulties.
5) A measure of auditory perception of kindergarten children with learning:
prepared by the researcher.
6) A measure of readiness of kindergarten children with learning difficulties:
prepared by the researcher.

Allah, E. O. M. A. M., A. A. E. - H. Nossier, and M. E. - S. El-Sarky, Efficacy of Exercise Therapy Program on Balance in Lower Limb Ulcers, , Egypt, Cairo University, 2012. Abstracteman_m._othman_mohamed_abd_allah.pdf

Purpose: The current study was conducted to investigate the effect of exercise
therapy program on improving dynamic balance in cases of lower limb ulcers.
Subjects: Forty patients were included in this study. Their ages ranged from 40 to
60 years. They were randomly divided into two equal groups in number.
Procedures: Group (A) received 6 weeks of treatment with Tai chi exercise (IB
program) for 15 to 40 min 3 times per week while group (B) received their
standard medical treatment only. The dynamic balance was measured for all
patients by using Biodex balance system just before the study then also after 6
weeks of treatment application for both eyes opened and eyes closed. Results:
This study showed significant statistical difference in balance performance
between experimental and control group irrespective to overall stability index.
Overall stability index was significantly decreased (p ≤ 0.05) and the balance
performance were significantly improved (p ≤ 0.05) in the exercise therapy group
with eyes opened and highly significant improved in the exercise therapy group
with eyes closed. Conclusion: The suggested exercise program produced
objective improvement in balance disturbance and is considered as a gold
therapeutic tool in the management of dynamic balance in lower limb ulcers as the
rate of falling can be decreased in those patients.

Al-Azab, I. M. A., D. M. H. Darwesh, and D. M. S. El-Tamawy, Electrical Versus Mechanical Vestibular Stimulation on Balance in Stroke Patients , , 2012. cu-pdf.pdf
El-Ads, E. H. E. - S., and N. F. A. Atta, Electrochemical Sensor Modified Electrodes for the Detection of Some Neurotransmitter Compounds and Pain Reliever Drugs, , Egypt, Cairo University, 2012. Abstractekram_hamdy_el-sayed_el-ads.pdf

The electrochemical determination of some catecholamine neurotransmitters,
and pain reliever drugs was enhanced in presence of sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS)
at modified electrodes by probing cysteine self-assembled monolayers (SAM) over
gold nanoparticles surface, and by depositing gold nanoparticles over poly (3,4-
ethylenedioxythiophene) film. Electrochemical measurements showed that the
presence of SAM of cysteine on gold nanoparticles enhances the reversibility and
the long term stability of the redox signals. Moreover, the inclusion of gold
nanoparticles into the conducting polymer matrices strongly increases their
electrocatalytic properties towards the compounds of study in presence of SDS.
Different parameters relevant to sensors were considered such as the sensitivity,
selectivity, stability of the redox signals, as well as detection limits.

Halim, J. N., S. El-Raghy, R. A. El-Karim, and M. Nabil, Electrode position and Characterization of Nanocrystalline Ni-Mo Catalysts, , Egypt, Cairo University, 2012. Abstractjosef_nagy_halim.pdf

Ni-Mo deposits have been well known for their use as cathodes for hydrogen
production from water by electrolysis as well as catalysts for hydrogen production
by steam reforming of hydrocarbons. Nanostructured materials offer in general a
larger reactive surface area which in this case will serve as a better catalyst.
Electrodeposition is one of the most promising techniques for producing
nanostructured materials owing to its relative low cost compared to the other
methods for production of nanostructured materials. Ni-Mo nanocrystalline alloys
and composites were prepared by electrodeposition using direct current from
citrate-ammonia solutions in such a manner that the bath contains the same
quantity of molybdenum in both cases. The effect of changing the plating current
density on the morphology, chemical composition, mechanical and
electrochemical properties has been investigated. The molybdenum content in both
cases found to decrease by increasing the current density. The crystallite size of
Ni-Mo alloys decreases by increasing molybdenum content. Ni-Mo alloys exhibit
only a single Ni-Mo (FCC) solid solution phase. The microhardness exhibits a
maximum value close to 300 Vickers for Mo content around 23 wt. %. For higher
Mo content a softening is observed showing a deviation from Hall-Petchbehaviour
due to the small crystallite size. In NaOH solution, the corrosion rate of Ni-Mo
alloys decreases as the Mo content in the deposited layer is increased and the
crystallite size increases. Electrochemical activity for hydrogen production showed
to increase mainly due to increases the surface roughness of Ni-Mo alloys. Ni-Mo
composites shows a rough and more inhomogeneous surface compared to that for
Ni-Mo alloys. The surface roughness is shown to increase by increasing the
current density. The corrosion rate of Ni-Mo composites are of higher values that
for Ni-Mo alloys. Electrocatalytic effect for hydrogen production is increased by
increasing Mo content in the composite as well as increasing the real surface area.

EL-Mageed, N. M. A., F. Elwan, and O. A. Sree, Emotional Intelligence and Love Between Married Couples as Predictors of Marital Satisfaction, , Egypt, Cairo University, 2012. Abstractnasra_mansour_abd_el-mageed.pdf

The present study aimed at examining the role of emotional intelligence and
love between married couples as predictors of marital satisfaction. A sample
consisted of 200 husbands and their wives (100 husbands & 100 wives), the age of
sample ranged from (25-40) years. three scales were used: Emotional Intelligence
Scale for Husbands and Wives, prepared for this study, Triangular Love Scale
(Sternberg, 1997), and Marital Satisfaction Scale (Fowers & Olson, 1993),
translated by researcher. Results in general indicated that love was the first
significant predictor of marital satisfaction for all hypotheses. husbands´ emotional
intelligence and love were contributed to predict their own marital satisfaction.
although husbands´ love was contributed to predict their wives ´ marital
satisfaction, the results not supported the role of emotional intelligence in
predicting their wives´ marital satisfaction, also, wives´ love was contributed to
predict their own marital satisfaction whereas the results not supported the role of
emotional intelligence in predicting their own marital satisfaction. Results showed
also that wives´ emotional intelligence and love were contributed to predict their
husbands´ marital satisfaction . Further, these results supported the importance of
emotional management as the only dimension in predicting marital satisfaction
compared to the other dimensions of emotional intelligence. on the other hand the
results revealed that the dimensions of love (intimacy, passion, and commitment)
were the strongest predictors of marital satisfaction, as well, husbands´ intimacy
was a strong predictor of both their own and their wives´ marital satisfaction while
wives´ passion was found to be the strongest predictor of their own marital
satisfaction and their husbands´ marital satisfaction.

Mohammed, D. M. G., D. M. A. El-Hamid, D. E. A. A. Elnaby, D. D. S. A. El-Fatah, and D. S. Elrefa, Endothelial Progenitor Cells and Development of Collatera Formation in Patients with Chronic Total Coronary Artery Occlusion, , 2012. cu-pdf.pdf
Saba, D. A., D. M. A. A. El-Ghaffar, D. I. I. F. El-Bab, and D. S. H. S. Saniour, Evaluation of Experimentally Prepared Dental Alginate Impression Material, , 2012. cu-pdf.pdf