El-Magied, V. S. A., and S. I. Salama, The Dramatic Phenomena in Hausa Literature - Literary Study, , Egypt, Cairo University, 2012. Abstractvevreen_saad_abd_el-magied.pdf

The aim of this study is to shed light on the aspects of Hausa Drama as an
example of the African Drama through analyzing its different stages of
development and discussing three Hausa namely:
1. Wasan Marafa.
2. Matar Mutum Kabarinsa.
3. Taka Tsan- Tsan.
This study depends on an integrative approach. The study is divided into 3
sections: introduction, 3 chapters, and conclusion. The study adresses the factors
behind developing Hausa drama as follows:
The first chapter: discusses the main aspects of Hausa drama and litetrature in
the light of African literature. It also discusses the origins of Hausa drama and
The second chapter: sheds light on the different stage characterizing the
development of traditional, new and contemporay Hausa drama.
The third chapter: discusses the artistic techniques of Hausa plays through
analyzing the artistic structure of such plays. It also deals with the issues of
content of Hausa plays with regard to how the playwright composed the contents
of their plays.

El-Doub, T. A. E. - A. M., E. - H. A. E. - B. Rady, and A. H. Youssef, Statistical Properties of Estimators for Variable Coefficients Models, , Egypt, Cairo University, 2013. Abstracttareq_abd_el-aziz_m._el-doub.pdf

Many approaches have been developed to face the estimation problems in
panel data; such as Generalized Least Square (GLS) technique which is used in
Swamy (1970), and Generalized Method of Moment (GMM) which is used in
Hansen (1982) and Verbeek (2004). Generalized Least Square is a known
procedure used in estimating the unknown parameters in the linear regression
model and it can be used in situations where Ordinary Least Squares (OLS) is
statistically inefficient, or gives misleading inferences. The GMM is a very general
statistical technique for obtaining estimates of parameters of statistical models.
Many estimators are known as special cases of (GMM) such as (OLS),
Instrumental Variables (IV) and two Stage Least Squares (2-SLS). The study is
concerned with solving the problem of the negative variance concerning the (GLS)
method and hence a comparative study of (GLS) and GMM procedures with
Simple Panel Data (SPD) and Multiple Panel Data (MPD) is introduced and
discussed simulated data from several models that we used to compare the two
procedures under different conditions of panel data such as: ample sizes, models,
parameters values, and standard deviation. For comparison, we applied the bias,
the Mean Square Error (MSE), the Variances and the rate of Negative Variances.
We found from the above mentioned approaches that (GMM) is more capable and
accurate in estimation than (GLS) in case of random coefficients and nonnegative
definite. Finally, a criminal statistics data from ministry of interior (MOI) in state
of Kuwait were used. We first have to test the coefficients variation to proved that
the coefficients was random or fixed in the real data and we found that the
coefficients are random and (GMM) was better in sense of (MSE) than (GLS) in
case of random coefficients which support our simulation study.

El-Wahab, T. M. A. A., A. M. A. Marzouk, and N. A. F. Khattab, An Orthopantomographic Study for Age and Sex Estimation: A Comparative Study Among Egyptians and Tunisians Adults, , Egypt, Cairo University, 2013. Abstracttamer_mahmoud_ahmed_abd_el-wahab.pdf

Background & Objectives: Bioanthropological research must be built upon a
foundation of accurate age and sex estimates. Age and sex estimation from dental
radiographs is a non-destructive, simple method to obtain information. The
objectives of the present dissertation were to analyze six dental age and sex
estimation methods regarding their comparative validity and practical
implementation using 600 digital orthopantograms. Furthermore, a purpose of the
investigation was to supplement the literature with data on dental age and sex
estimation in Egyptians and Tunisians individuals. Methods: The
orthopantomograms were selected based on the inclusion and exclusion criteria set
forth for the study. Aging and sexing of modern Egyptian and Tunisian
populations as follows: Sex assessment using discriminant Function analysis of
mandibular measurements, mandibular ramus flexure and of mandibular canine
index, The estimated gender was then compared with the known gender and
percentage accuracy of determination was calculated, while age was assessed
using orthopantomographic indices of the pulp of mandibular canine namely
coronal pulp cavity index, pulp-tooth area index and linear measurement of the
pulp cavity. Results: The results showed that the mandibular ramus flexure,
mandibular canine index and discriminant function analysis for sex determination
among the study populations using digital orthopantomogrms can be used to
diagnose sex with an average accuracy up to 86%. Similarly the pulp tooth area,
the coronal pulp cavity index and linear measurement of pulp were used for age
estimation using mandibular canines, statistically significant correlation between
age and the study variables was revealed. This work revealed no significant
difference between chronological and estimated ages. Different equations for age
estimation in the resent research yielded an error of age estimation about 2.5 years
as a mean value for both the Egyptians and Tunisians which is much lower than
most that of anthropological methods.
Best Theses Awards, Cairo University (BTACU)
Information System Unit - 62 -
Moreover, it was shown that a combination of variables potentially leads to
increases of the predictive power beyond the capabilities of each method alone for
both age and sex estimation. A new function for sex determination for the
Egyptians and Tunisian was derived as population specific method for sex
determination that yielded a more accurate sex estimate. Conclusion:
Consequently, it was concluded that, this research showed promising results for
dental age and sex estimation in a non-invasive manner using dental digital
orthopantomograms of Egyptian and Tunisians populations. Moreover,
population-specific equations were introduced to enhance the accuracy of the
estimates. Future research should aim at acquiring larger sample sizes, in order to
reduce standard errors of age and sex estimation, and studying the effect of race,
culture and pathology on model parameters. Also the application of the proposed
methods in forensic and archeological contexts.

Ali, S. M. H., N. E. - D. Tawfik, and R. M. El-Nashar, Construction and Performance Characteristics of New Ion Selective Electrodes Based on Carbon Nanotubes for Determination of Meclofenoxate Hydrochloride and Selegiline Hydrochloride, , Egypt, Cairo University, 2012. Abstractsherif_mohamed_hassan_ali.pdf

The presented thesis describes the preparation and investigation of the
performance characteristics of new plastic membrane electrodes, carbon paste
electrodes and carbon nanotubes chemically modified carbon paste electrodes for
potentiometric determination of meclofenoxate hydrochloride (MecloCl) and
selegiline hydrochloride (SelCl). In these electrodes, the active element is
polyvinyl chloride (PVC) membrane as in case of plastic membrane electrodes that
plasticized with dioctyl adipate (DOA) containing an ion-exchanger of the
investigated drug with phosphomolybdic acid (PMA) or phosphotungstic acid
(PTA). Carbon paste electrodes presented low cost and easy construction by
simple mixing of graphite powder with dioctyladipate (DOA) as a plasticizer and
an ion-exchanger of the investigated drugs with phosphomolybdic acid (PMA) or
phosphotungstic acid (PTA). The same procedure is done for carbon nanotubes
chemically modified carbon paste electrodes with addition certain amount of
multi-wall carbon nanotubes which have excellent effect for improving the
performance characteristics of the studied electrodes for determination the
investigated drugs. Carbon nanotubes chemically modified carbon paste electrodes
have better conductivity, higher potential responses, faster response time, longer
operational lifetime and wider linear concentration range than carbon paste
electrodes due to carbon nanotubes possess unique geometric, mechanical,
electronic, and chemical properties as high mechanical strength, high electrical
conductivity, high thermal conductivity and high surface area.

Musa, S. M. A., F. M. A. Attia, and N. F. Ahmed, Electrochemical Biosensor Based on Nanoparticles Modified Electrodes, , Egypt, Cairo University, 2013. Abstractshereen_musa_azab_musa.pdf

carbon paste (CP) electrode modified with gold nanoparticles (GNMCPE) was
introduced. The advantages of the gold nanoparticles enhanced the sensitivity of
the CP-electrode significantly. In a mixture of DA, AA and UA the sensor shows
high selective response towards DA and no response for AA or UA. The effect of
various experimental parameters including time of deposition of gold
nanoparticles on CP-electrode, pH, scan rate, accumulation time and types of
electrolytes were studied to find the highest sensitivity for the determination of
DA. Another promising electrochemical sensor was developed using carbon paste
electrode, gold nanoparticles and Nafion (CP-electrode/Nafion modified with gold
nanoparticles-[electrode (2)]). This sensor is sensitive for the determination of
catecholamine compounds, in the presence of interference molecules.
Simultaneous determinations of DA with 5-TH and ACOP with L-DOPA in binary
mixtures were achieved with good separation. Also a highly sensitive and simple
method was investigated for the determination of acetaminophen and morphine
using both electrodes. Under optimized experimental conditions, their sensitivities
were improved greatly. Moreover, the present method was also applied for their
determination in the presence of common interferents and in binary mixture with
dopamine (DA). Also the effect of various experimental parameters on the
voltammetric response of TR and GSH were investigated using [electrode (2)]. At
the optimum conditions, the concentration of TR and GSH was determined and the
effects of common interferences on the current responses were studied. The results
showed that the method was simple and sensitive enough for their determination in
clinical preparations and in commercial tablet under physiological conditions with
good precision.

Mohamed, S. N. A., I. M. Ibrahim, and S. M. Younan, Assessment of Cognitive Functions and Some Markers of Synaptic Plasticity in Diabetic Rats, , Egypt, Cairo University, 2013. Abstractshaimaa_nasr_amin_mohamed.pdf

Cognitive dysfunction is a common complication of diabetes mellitus
however, less addressed and recognized. This study aimed to investigate the
effect of type 1 and 2 diabetes on cognitive functions and related markers of
hippocampal synaptic plasticity and the possible impact of blocking Nmethyl-
d-aspartate (NMDA) receptors by memantine. Seven rat groups
were included in this study: non-diabetic, non-diabetic-memantine, type 1
diabetic groups: Untreated, treated with insulin alone and treated with
insulin and memantine and type 2 diabetic groups: untreated and
memantine treated. Cognitive functions were assessed by Morris Water
Maze and passive avoidance test and immunohistochemistry was used for
detection of hippocampus pre and post-synaptic markers: synaptophysin
and postsynaptic density protein-95(PSD-95) respectively, learning and
memory plasticity marker: activity regulated cytoskeletal associated protein
(Arc) and the astrocytes reactivity marker: glial fibrillary acidic protein
(GFAP). Both type 1 and 2 untreated diabetic groups showed significantly
impaired cognitive performance with concomitant decrease in
synaptophysin and PSD-95 compared to the non-diabetic group. In addition
type 2 group showed a significant decrease in hippocampus GFAP and Arc
compared to the non-diabetic group. Treating type 1 diabetic group with
insulin alone significantly improved cognitive performance and PSD-95
and significantly decreased GFAP and Arc compared to untreated type 1
group. Blocking NMDA receptors by memantine (30 mg/kg/day) for 3
weeks significantly increased cognitive performance, synaptophysin, GFAP
and Arc in type 1 insulin-memantine group compared to type 1-insulin
Best Theses Awards, Cairo University (BTACU)
Information System Unit - 4 -
group and significantly increased synaptophysin, PSD-95 and Arc in type 2-
memantine group compared to untreated type 2 diabetic group. In conclusion,
cognitive functions are impaired in both types of diabetes mellitus and can be
improved by blockage of NMDA receptors which may spark future therapeutic
role of these receptors in diabetes-associated cognitive dysfunction.

Abed, S. R. M., A. A. E. - W. Mohamed, and A. H. El-Rashidy, The International Liability for Violation of Civilians' and Heads Rights During Armed Conflicts in International Law, , Egypt, Cairo University, 2013. Abstractshady_rashed_mohamed_abed.pdf

This study is connected with many practical facts which indicate the violation
extent against civilians. The study deals with Gaza war in 2008/2009 raised by
Israel against the civilians in Gaza and they declare also the crimes against them in
violation of the International Humanitarian Law.

Hassan, S. A. E. - M., Badr El-Dean Abd El-Haleam El-Zeany, H. W. Darwish, and M. Y. Salem, Analysis of Selected C.V.S. Acting Drugs, , Egypt, Cairo University, 2013. Abstractsaid_abd_el-monem_hassan.pdf

This thesis is concerned with the analysis of four selected drugs of the CVS
acting drugs namely Amlodipine besylate, Atorvastatin calcium, Valsartan and
Hydrochlorothiazide. In this work, different analytical techniques were applied for
the simultaneous quantitative determination of Amlodipine besylate and
Atorvastatin calcium in their laboratory prepared mixtures and in their tablet
dosage form using spectrophotometric methods. Stability study was carried out on
Amlodipine besylate and Atorvastatin calcium and stability indicating methods
were developed for the determination of both drugs in the presence of their acidic
degradation products using chemometric methods. Different analytical techniques
were applied for the simultaneous quantitative determination of Amlodipine
besylate, Valsartan and Hydrochlorothiazide in their laboratory prepared mixtures
and in their tablet dosage form using spectrophotometric, chemometric and
chromatographic methods. The aim of the present work was the development of
analytical procedures which would be feasible, sensitive and specific for the
determination of the studied drugs in their laboratory prepared mixtures and their
pharmaceutical dosage forms and Amlodipine besylate and Atorvastatin calcium
in the presence of their acidic degradation products.

El-Gaber, R. A. E. - H. A., F. A. Abdel-Ghaffar, M. A. Shazly, A. - H. Saad, and K. S. Morsy, Morphological and Molecular Biological Studies on Some Myxozoan and Microsporidian Parasites Infecting Fishes in Egypt and Host-Parasite Relationship, , Egypt, Cairo University, 2012. Abstractrewaida_abd_el-hakem_abd_el-gaber.pdf

The present study aimed to investigate some of the myxosporidian and
microsporidian parasites infecting three of the economically important marine
fishes of the Red Sea (Saurida tumbil, Pagrus pagrus and Epinephelus
chlorostigma) collected from fisherman at boat landing sites of Suez & Hurghada
cities at the Gulf of Suez & Red Sea, respectively; and one freshwater fish (Clarias
gariepinus) was collected from the River Nile at Giza Governorate in Egypt. The
examined fishes were collected monthly from October 2009 to January 2011. The
investigation of parasitic infections was carried out by means of morphologic and
morphometric characterization of these parasites. Also, the study described some
of the important developmental stages of these parasites inside fish hosts at the
ultrastructural level which are considered as key features for their classification. In
addition, molecular analyses of 18 SSU rDNA; 16 SSU rDNA and phylogenetic
relationships were applied to associate in the taxonomic characterization of myxo-
& microsporidian parasites, respectively.

El-Sawy, R. E. - S. E. - S. M., and B. H. Botrus, The Effectiveness of a Program to Develop Auditory Perception and Readiness to Read for the Kindergarten Child with Learning Difficulties, , Egypt, Cairo University, 2012. Abstractrehab_el-said_el-sawy_mohamed_el-sawy.pdf

Hence this study is to answer the main question: Can the used program that
lead to the development of auditory perception and reading readiness of
kindergarteners with learning difficulties? The final study sample consists of (21)
children from the second year of kindergarten in Alexandria who suffer from
deficiencies in their the academic skills of audio perception and reading readiness,
whose ages range between the ages of time (5-6) years, Achieving the objectives
of the study requires the use of certain tools and the following standards:
l) Stanford scale-home of intelligence, the fourth image: prepared by Louis
Malika (1998).
2) Measure of the social economic, and cultural measure of the Egyptian
family: prepared by / Mohamed Bayoumi Khalil (2000).
3) A list of early detection of developmental learning difficulties inprschool
children: prepared by Suheir Kamel (2010).
4) A Battery for those with developmental learning difficulties.
5) A measure of auditory perception of kindergarten children with learning:
prepared by the researcher.
6) A measure of readiness of kindergarten children with learning difficulties:
prepared by the researcher.