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Dr. Medhat Al-Ghobashy has a solid background in the field of biomolecular characterization, analysis of biotherapeutics and pharmaceuticals in biological fluids. Such background initially started while conducting his MSc at Faculty of Pharmacy, Cairo University. In his PhD at Institute of Fundamental Sciences, Massey University, New Zealand, he managed to gain experience in the field of downstream purification, biomolecular characterization and analysis of recombinant therapeutic proteins. Dr. Al-Ghobashy implemented in his research a state-of-art optical biosensors, capillary electrophoresis and mass spectrometry. Collaboration with Agresearch Ltd. allowed him to get the experience of working in industry-oriented research environment. This work has been extended through postdoctoral research in the same field. Over his period of study, he prepared his first successful grant application as a PI and contributed to another successful application for a capacity building grant. Because of his outstanding performance, he was awarded in 2009 the Massey University PhD Early Completion Award.

After returning home to Faculty of Pharmacy, Cairo University, Dr. Al-Ghobashy established the Bioanalysis Research Group at Faculty of Pharmacy, Cairo University in collaboration with the National Organization for Reserach and Control of Biologicals, Egypt. He joined the Biotechnology Centre as a vice-director and contributed to a research grant from Cairo University in the field of environmental biotechnology. Dr. Al-Ghobashy received other grants as PI/Co-PI from the Interdisciplinary Research grants (IRG), Faculty of Pharmacy, Cairo University and STDF. Proposed work involved the development, charaterization and quality assessment of biotechnology-derived pharmaceuticals ae well as development of bioanalytical techniques for monitoring of pharmaceuticals in body fluids and other biological matrices.

Since 2009, Dr. Al-Ghobashy actively contributed to various administrative activities at Cairo University as the director of the Central Lab, vice-director of the Biotechnology Centre, member of International Relations Bureau, Faculty of Pharmacy strategic and executive research plans and Cairo University strategic research plan (health sector).

Dr. Al-Ghobashy is currently a member of the analytical chemistry division at IUPAC and the National Committee for Pure and Applied Chemistry. This committee is part of the advisory board of the Eyptian Academy of Scientific Research and Technology, Ministry of Scientific Research. Members of this committee are the national representatives in the annual IUPAC general assembly.