Dr. May Darwich


PhD Politics & IR, University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom (2015)

MA International Politics, Sciences Po Bordeaux, France (2010)

BA Political Science, Cairo University, Egypt (2009)


Research Fellow, GIGA German Institute of Global and Area Studies. Project: The International Diffusion and Cooperation of Authoritarian Regimes (since July 2014).

Web: http://www.giga-hamburg.de/en/team/darwich

Project website: http://idcar.giga-hamburg.de

Research Interests

Broadly my research focuses on Arab regimes' threat perception, during major wars in the region. I focus on the interplay between ideational and material factors in shaping threat perception and, accordingly, alliance formation. The research is an attempt of bringing Middle East cases to debates within IR theory and surmounting the challenge to the study of state behaviour in the Middle East through theoretical lenses.

  • Foreign Policy Analysis of Middle Eastern States
  • The Interplay Identity and Power in Middle East International Relations
  • Identity politics
  • Alliances and Threat Perception
  • Regime-society relations
  • Authoritarianism in the Middle East