Primary Spinal Melanoma: Case Report and Systematic Review.

Haberfellner, E., M. Elbaroody, A. F. Alkhamees, A. Alaosta, S. Eaton, E. Quint, S. Shahab, A. O'Connor, J. Im, A. Khan, et al., "Primary Spinal Melanoma: Case Report and Systematic Review.", Clinical neurology and neurosurgery, vol. 205, pp. 106649, 2021.


INTRODUCTION: Primary malignant melanoma of the spinal cord (PSM) is a rare condition with limited evidence regarding its diagnosis (clinical and radiographic), management, and prognosis. Our aim was to report an extremely rare two cases of primary malignant melanoma of the spine one of them is sacral melanoma which represents the second reported case in the literature and to conduct a systematic review of the relevant literature.

METHODS: The diagnosis and management of these cases were retrospectively reviewed. Using the PRISMA guideline, we conducted a systematic review of the literature to analyze different management strategies and the prognosis of such pathology.

RESULTS: All two patients were operated on, and received gross total removal of their tumors, with extended follow up for tumor recurrences. One of the cases involved a sacral tumor, which was resected without adjuvant therapy. The other one was seen by oncology and received post-operative chemo- and radio- therapy. In addition to the aforementioned cases, we present a comprehensive review of the literature on PSM from 1950 to the present, demonstrating that PSM is a very rare tumor, with a limited counted number of cases reported worldwide.

CONCLUSION: In conclusion, we report an exceedingly rare two cases of primary malignant melanoma of the spine. Early surgical intervention is key to the management of these rare and aggressive tumors. GTR should be attempted if possible.