Gender rights in post-revolutionary Egypt

Ebeid, H., and M. Waheed, "Gender rights in post-revolutionary Egypt", bepa monthly brief, issue 72, pp. 6-7, 2014.


Women’s participation in the ‘revolutions’ and
political protests of the Arab Spring has been
significant and thought provoking. Arab women
defied all stereotypes, occupying the public sphere
as full citizens expressing their rights, demands,
and aspirations. The question remains, however: if
women’s activism could amass such backing,
enthusiasm, sacrifice and visibility, how would
that bear for the future of women’s rights and
status in the countries in question following the
popular uprisings? In the post-revolutionary
political processes and transitions, the case for
women’s rights and gender equality remains
mixed at best, and the current moment is laden
with huge challenges, but also some windows of