MED Green Forum and MED Green Student Awards

Florence, Italy

I am very pleased to attach a PowerPoint presentation on the MED Green Forum and MED Green Student Awards that took place in Florence, Italy from 26-28 of August 2015. Thirty (30) students of Architecture, in my course Smart Building (ARCN303) - ABT undergraduate programme, participated in the form of 7 posters to compete internationally with Italian students in Italy, of which 14 students were attending the Forum in Florence.
The good news is that 3 posters representing 3 groups of 14 students were best and won 3 Awards. It was a great to hear Egypt name flying high during the Award ceremony that took place in Florence on Friday, 28th of August 2015 at 5.45pm in front of 150 delegates representing 51 countries. Also 3 Italian posters received awards as well.  The great part is that the Egyptian students' names were announced before the Italian students (photos are included in the presentation). The international Jury panel was formed by the Chairman of MED Green Forum and World Renewable Energy Congress and Network (WERC/WREN), UK was encompassing 5 members (Italy 2 members, UK, Romania and Kingdom of Bahrain, each one member).
I found their participation and accomplishment an exceptional experience for our Egyptian students to showcase their ability and excellent work, mingle with their peers and speak to international delegates; Professionals and Professors and test their bar internationally; a move that was highly appraised and applauded by everyone at the Forum. Some Professors from Australia, Bahrain, Greece, Romania, and UK will do the same and involve their students in future conferences. Additionally, students were so amazed and benefited a lot from such exposure and experience, which I am sure it will make a great difference in building their future career.
To this end, I would like to sincerely thank Prof Sherif Murad - Dean of Engineering and Prof Ali Gabr - Vice Dean for Student Affairs for supporting students’ trip and approving their participation in Med Green Forum 2015. I also appreciate their support in funding the travel expenses of 2 students with the highest GPA, Reem Mustafa and Assem Shafik whom had appreciated this very much and would make others students excel in their studies. Additionally, I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to Prof Sherine Wahba for her coordination and  working with me in the preparation to make students' participation and trip possible and ensuring that everything is going well. Last but least, I thank my wonderful students for the excellent work and great representation of Egypt, Cairo University Faculty of Engineering and the department of Architecture in Italy. Also, the teaching assistants for their support, and everyone (Admin, Finance, and Logistics staff) who had put efforts to facilitate our students' journey and make it a reality.

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