Bio- Mai Osama

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I am an Assistant Lecturer of Political Science at Cairo University (CU), Faculty of Economics & Political Science (FEPS). I completed my Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees from Cairo University, while also completing my Master’s coursework at Friedrich Alexander Universität (FAU) in Erlangen, Germany. 

My research interests include Theory of Comparative Politics, Rebel to Party Transformation, Democratization, Post-Conflict Societies and Arts-Based Nonviolent Action. I am interested in violent and nonviolent action movements; in my Master’s thesis, I focused on violent action and explored the  effectiveness of rebel to party transformation through the case of the SPLM. Currently, I am developing an interest in (1) arts-based nonviolent action in conflict-affected societies with a focus on 'Ana Taban' movement in South Sudan, and (2) the long term implications of rebel group successor parties on post civil war democratization.