Publications in the Year: 2004

Conference Paper

Abd El Aziz MA, Kamel GM, M MA.  2004.  Seasonal study, Histopathological and Treatment Trials on Saproligniosis in some Fish Farms. 1st Scientific Conference of Faculty of Veterinary Medicine . , .

Conference Proceedings

Mahmoud AM, Ezz-Eldien NM, Elsayed EE.  2004.   Tissue Protozoa (Myxobolus dermatobia) from the Eye of Tilapia zillii in Egypt, . The First International Conference of the Veterinary Research Division, NRC, Egypt. :15-17February.


Elsayed E, Mahmoud MA, ElDien NE.  2004.   Ichthiophthiriasis: Atypical outbreak In Two Suscetible Ornamental Fish Species In Egypt Under The Same Environmental Conditions . 29th ANNUAL EASTERN FISH HEALTH WORKSHOP, U.S.A..

Journal Article

Sekena A-AH, Mahmoud AM.  2004.  Mutagenic and Histopathological Effects of Ribavirin Drug on Mice . J. Egypt. Vet.Med. Assoc.. 64, no.2:153-149.
Sekena HAE, A.Mahmoud M, A.Abdel-Wahab M, M. F. Azza M. Hassan, Karima.  2004.   Chemoprevention of Barley and Sage against acrylamide-Induced genotoxic, biochemical and histopathological alterations in rats . The Egyptian Journal of Hospital Medicine. 15:40-56.