EEC694:Security for Computer and Information Networks

Security Concepts and Definitions (Risks, Threats, Security Policy, Safeguards, Services) - Four Layer Security Model - Symmetric Key Cryptographic Techniques - Key Management Techniques for Symmetric Key Cryptography - Asymmetric Key Cryptographic Techniques - Digital Signature - Key Management Techniques for Asymmetric Key Cryptography - PKI – Practical Security Protocols - Security in Mobile Networks – Security in Wireless Networks.

ELC403A: Computer 4 (A) - Computer Networks

This course aims at introducing the students to the basic concepts of Computer Networks and laying the foundation for more advanced courses in this very important area. It begins with an overview of computer networks, their functions, their types, and the main requirements for two computers to be able to communicate over a network. Subsequent topics include: The Way Networks Work, The Internet, Transport Layers Protocols, and Local Area Networks.