Isolation of antimicrobial producing from soil samples.

Elbendary, A. A., A. M. Hessain, M. D. El-Hariri, A. A. Seida, I. M. Moussa, A. S. Mubarak, S. A. Kabli, H. A. Hemeg, and J. K. El Jakee, "Isolation of antimicrobial producing from soil samples.", Saudi journal of biological sciences, vol. 25, issue 1, pp. 44-46, 2018.


Emergence of multidrug resistant bacteria has made the search for novel bioactive compounds from natural and unexplored habitats a necessity. have important bioactive substances. The present study investigated antimicrobial activity of isolated from soil samples of Egypt. One hundred samples were collected from agricultural farming soil of different governorates. Twelve isolates have produced activity against the tested microorganisms (, , , , , Typhi, , and ). By VITEK 2 system version: 07.01 the 12 isolates were identified as , , , and . Using ethyl acetate extraction method the isolates culture's supernatants were tested by diffusion method against indicator microorganisms. These results indicate that isolated from Egypt farms could be sources of antimicrobial bioactive substances.