My  CV

Personal Information
Name:             Magdy Youssef Amin Saleh
Adress: Astronomy Department, Faculty of Science, Cairo University.
Date of birth:  1/7/1973 
Place of birth: Giza
Marital status: Married with 4 children.
Office      : 02-35676845
Fax                 : 02-335727556


University Education: Astronomy, Faculty of Science, Cairo University,     1985. Astrophysics, Faculty of  Science, Cairo University, 1991.
Ph.D. in Astrophysics, Faculty of Science, Cairo University,  1994.


Professional Societies:
            Member of the editorial board of the Open Astronomical Journal
            Member of the International Astronomical Union (IAU)
            Member of the Astronomical Society of Egypt.
            Member of the Institute of Navigation, Manassas USA
            Membership in strategic  plane commission for national                              center of Astronomy,
           King abdulaziz city of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia


1985-1991,   Administrator in Cairo University
1991-1994,   Assistant lecturer in Cairo University
1994-1999,   Lecturer in Cairo University
1997-1999,   Assistant professor in King Saud University
1999-2005,   Assistant professor in Cairo University
1999-2005,   Associated professor in King Saud University
2005-2007 ,  Professor of Astronomy ,in Department of  physics
                 and Astronomy,  Faculty of Science, King Saud University
2005-present, Professor of Astronomy, in Department of
                       Astronomy,  Faculty of Science, Cairo University
2012 – 2014 Head of Astronomy , Space and Metrology Dept.
2014- 2018  Professor of Astronomy,and Advisor of the Deanship of Scientific Research  at Majmaah University


Main Research Topics:
Star formation, Interstellar Matter, Astrochemistry, Magneto-Hydro- Dynamics, Space Physics: Magnetic field, Solar –terrestrial physics. Star counts, Galaxy, History of old and Islamic Astronomy.  


Scientific Works
1- Abbreviations used for the journal names:
-Monthly Notes of the Royal Astronomical Society: MNRAS
-Astrophysics and Space Science: ASS
-Journal of the Astronomical Society of Egypt: JASE
-New Astronomy
-Earth Moon and Planets
-The Open Astronomy Jurnal
2-Supervisor of PhD and MsC degree
1- Astrometry  of Some Open Clusters                                             
2-Groups-Statistical Study of Galaxies in some Compact               
3- The chemistry of H3+ in interstellar medium                                 
4-Cosmic ray modulation in the Heliosphere
5- New candidate member and kinematics study of young open clusters IC348 and NGC3680
6- Morphological and photometric study of some active galactic nuclei and their host galaxies
7- Gravitational waves interactions with plasmas
8-Analysis and interpretation of magnetospheric oscillation
9- Some environmental effects on the formation of early-type galaxies
10-The effect of solar activity on the Africa climate
11- Determination of the Physical Characteristics of a Solar Flare on June 26,1999 in H alpha Line.
12- Studying the effect of gravitational interaction between galaxies on thesymmetry of their morphology and structure