Muhammad Salem is a dedicated Lecturer at the Faculty of Urban & Regional Planning, Cairo University, where he passionately shares his expertise in the field. He completed his master's degree from the same institute in 2014 and subsequently pursued a doctoral program in Engineering at Kyushu University, Japan, successfully earning his doctoral degree in 2020. Muhammad's exceptional research abilities and dedication to his studies were recognized when he was awarded the prestigious Japanese Postdoctoral Fellowship (JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowship) from the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science in 2021.

With a strong focus on peri-urban areas, Muhammad's research revolves around critical topics such as land-use change, urban remote sensing, urban sprawl, sustainable development, and utilizing deep learning techniques in urban analysis.

Beyond his academic pursuits, Muhammad also serves as a certified expert at the General Organization of Physical Planning (GOPP) in Egypt, where he effectively applies his expertise in urban and regional planning. Additionally, he holds the position of Review Editor for Cities in the Global South at Frontiers in Sustainable Cities, showcasing his commitment to advancing sustainable urban development. He is also an active reviewer for several Q1 journals that specialize in urban studies and regional development, contributing significantly to the advancement of knowledge in these fields.

Muhammad takes pride in his membership with the IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society, reinforcing his dedication to staying at the forefront of research and technology in his domain.

Through his combined efforts as a lecturer, researcher, certified expert, society member, and editorial roles, Muhammad relentlessly strives to make a positive impact on the field of urban and regional planning. His contributions to academia and practice are invaluable in shaping sustainable urban development and addressing the challenges faced by peri-urban and metropolitan areas around the world.