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Ramadan, M. A., A. E. Shawkey, M. A. Rabeh, and A. O. Abdellatif, "Expression of P53, BAX, and BCL-2 in human malignant melanoma and squamous cell carcinoma cells after tea tree oil treatment in vitro", Cytotechnology, vol. 71, issue 1, pp. 461-473, 2019.
Zafer, M. M., M. E. M. Bastawisie, M. Wassef, A. F. A. Hussein, and M. A. Ramadan, "Epidemiological features of nosocomial Klebsiella pneumoniae: virulence and resistance determinants", Future Microbiology, vol. 17, issue 1, pp. 27-40, Submitted.
Shalaby, M. M., R. Samir, F. A. - Z. M. Goma, and M. A. Rammadan, "Enhanced fusidic acid transdermal delivery achieved by newly isolated and optimized Bacillus cereus Keratinase", International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, vol. 30, pp. e00620, 2021.