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RE, A. R., HAMED L. M. M., A. M. R. A. Abdelaziz, and E. E.F, "Mitigation of Water Stress on Apple Trees under Rotational Irrigation Conditions by Increasing the Application Rate of Organic Fertilizers to Sandy Soils", EGU General Assembly 2016, , Vienna, Austria, 2016. egu2016-7060.pdf
R. E., A., A. M. R. A. Abdelaziz, E. F. Essa, and L. M. M. HAMED., "Impact of Irrigation Scheduling and Application Rate of Organic Fertilizers under Rotational Distribution System in Sandy Soils to Mitigate Water Stress on Apple Trees", Bioscience Research, vol. 16, no. 2:, pp. 1626–1637, 2019. Abstract
R. E., A., A. S.M.M., M. A. M.M., M. Hafez, A. I. Popov, and L. M. M. HAMED, "INFLUENCE OF N-FERTIGATION STRESS AND AGRO- ORGANIC WASTES (BIOCHAR) TO IMPROVE YIELD AND WATER PRODUCTIVITY OF SWEET PEPPER UNDER SANDY SOILS CONDITIONS", Plant Archives , vol. 20, issue Supplement 1, pp. 3208-3217 , 2020. 214__3208-3217_.pdf