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Two field experiments were conducted at the experimental farm of the Central Laboratory for Agricultural Climate (CLAC), Agricultural Research Center, Giza, Egypt, during 2017 and 2018 seasons, to evaluate the effects of compost and organic extracts on growth and yield of sweet corn (Misthi F1 Hybrid) and microbial populations in rhizosphere. Extracts of compost, vermicompost and chicken manure with adding half dose of compost were compared to full dose of compost and mineral fertilizers. The populations of total bacteria, fungi and phosphate solublizing bacteria were estimated. Results showed that applying half dose of compost with adding vermicompost (50% C + VEx) extract gave the highest growth, yield and ear properties of sweet corn without any significant differences compared to mineral fertilizer treatment. Applying half dose of compost with adding extract of compost or chicken manure decreased growth, yield and ear properties of sweet corn compared to mineral fertilizer. 50% C + ChEx recorded the highest total bacterial counts. The treatments of half dose of compost with adding any organic extracts were superior to full dose of compost (100% C) in all studied traits. This study revealed the possibility of using half dose of compost with adding vermicompost extract for producing satisfactory yield quantity with high quality of sweet corn ears.

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