I graduated from faculty of computers and information in 2009, afterwards, I started my job as a Teacher Assistant in computer science department. In the previous years, my duties as a teacher assistant assisted me to gain skills in different areas, i.e. Teaching, Researching, and working in Accreditation and Quality Assurance Unit.


From the academic year 2009/2010 to 2013/2014, I participated in the practical labs of the following courses:

In April 2012, I've recieved a certificate of appreciation as one of the best TAs in the department, which was chosen based on professors recommendation and students evaluation.


In 2009/2010, I joined the opinion mining track in "the Center of Excellence in Data Mining and Computer Modeling" which was supported by ITIDA and leaded by Dr. Samir Abdel Rahman. The tracked aim at classifying the arabic documents based on its sentiments, which allowed me to explore the research field of Information retrieval.

In 2012, I studied different field then I submitted my Master proposal in recommender systems related-topic, under the supervision of Dr. Akram Salah, which belongs to the research field of "information filtering" rather than information retrieval. I also worked with Dr. Abeer El Korany in examining the benefit of adding recommendation feature to "Society in Hand" project.

In 2013, I have published a paper "Exploiting User Demographic Attributes for Solving Cold-Start Problem in Recommender System", and I've attended a workshop conducted by Dr. Akram Salah about "Research Reading & Reviewing Skills".

Accreditation and Quality Assurance

In 2012, I have joined the Faculty Strategyic Planning team who worked in preparing the content of the plan under the supervision of Dr. Ali Bastawesy and Dr. Abeer El Korany.

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