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Journal Article
Abdelrahman, E. - S. M., E. R. Abo-Ezz, and K. S. Essa, "Parametric inversion of residual magnetic anomalies due to simple geometric bodies", Exploration Geophysics, vol. 43, no. 3: CSIRO PUBLISHING, pp. 178–189, 2012. Abstract
Ekwok, S. E., A. M. Eldosouky, K. S. Essa, A. M. George, K. Abdelrahman, M. S. Fnais, P. Andráš, E. I. Akaerue, and A. E. Akpan, "Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) of High-Quality Magnetic Data of the Obudu Basement Complex, Nigeria", Minerals, vol. 13, issue 9, pp. 1209, 2023. minerals_1.pdf
Essa, K. S., "A particle swarmoptimization method for interpreting self-potential anomalies", Journal of Geophysics and Engineering, vol. 16, issue 2, pp. 463-477, 2019. journal_of_geophysics_and_engineering_9.pdf
Chibati, N., Y. Géraud, and K. S. Essa, "Petrophysical characterization and thermal conductivity prediction of serpentinized peridotites", Geophysical International Journal, vol. 231, pp. 1786-1805, 2022.
Essa, K. S., and M. Elhussein, "PSO (Particle Swarm Optimization) for Interpretation of Magnetic Anomalies Caused by Simple Geometrical Structures", Pure and Applied Geophysics, vol. 175, issue 10, pp. 3539-3553, 2018. pure_and_applied_geophysics_10-1.pdf