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Book Chapter
Ghofrane, O., K. H. Mahmoud, T. M. Eldebss, and T. M. Eldebss, "Introductory Chapter: The Magnetosphere", Magnetosphere and Solar Winds, Humans and Communication, London, InTechOpen, 2022.
Conference Paper
Essa, K. S., and G. Kletetschka, "Implications of depth determination from second moving average residual magnetic anomalies on Mars", AGU Fall Meeting, no. GP51B-3724: American Geophysical Union, 2014. Abstract
Journal Article
Essaa, K. S., A. G. Nady, M. S. Mostafa, and M. Elhussein, "Implementation of potential field data to depict the structural lineaments of the Sinai Peninsula, Egypt", Journal of African Earth Sciences, vol. 147, pp. 43-53, 2018. journal_of_african_earth_sciences_1.pdf
Khalil, M. H., K. S. Ahmed, A. H. Elnahry, and A. N. Hasan, "Integrated Geophysical, Remote Sensing and GIS Studies for Groundwater Assessment, Abu Zenima Area, West Sinai, Egypt", International Journal of Geosciences, vol. 5, issue 9, pp. 882-907, 2014.
Essa, K. S., and M. Elhussein, "Interpretation of Magnetic Data Through Particle Swarm Optimization: Mineral Exploration Cases Studies", Natural Resources Research, vol. 29, issue 1, pp. 521–537, 2020. natural_resources_research_1.pdf
Ai, H., Y. L. Ekinci, Ç. Balkaya, and K. S. Essa, "Inversion of geomagnetic anomalies caused by ore masses using Hunger Games Search algorithm", Earth and Space Science, vol. 10, issue 11, pp. e2023EA003002, 2023. earth_and_space_science_1.pdf
Abdelrahman, E. M., T. M. El-Araby, and K. S. Essa, "An Iterative Approach to Depth Determination from Second Moving Average Residual Magnetic Anomalies", Journal of King Abdulaziz University: Earth Sciences, vol. 15, pp. 181–196, 2004. Abstract