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Mehanee, S. A., K. S. Essa, and Z. A. Diab, "Magnetic data interpretation using a new R-parameter imaging method with application to mineral exploration", Natural Resources Research, vol. 30, issue 1, pp. 77-95, 2021. natural_resources_research_2.pdf
Mehanee, S., K. S. Essa, and P. D. Smith, "A rapid technique for estimating the depth and width of a two-dimensional plate from self-potential data", Journal of Geophysics and Engineering, vol. 8, no. 3: IOP Publishing, pp. 447, 2011. Abstract
Mehanee, S. A., K. S. Essa, K. S. Soliman, and Z. E. Diab, "A fast imaging method for the interpretation of self-potential data with application to geothermal systems and mineral investigation", Scientific Reports, vol. 13, pp. 13548, 2023. scientific_reports_3.pdf