Distribution of uranium in the Jordan phosphates.

Abed, A. M., and H. M. Khaled, "Distribution of uranium in the Jordan phosphates.", Dirasat, vol. 12, no. 7, pp. 91-103, 1985.


Some 95 samples representing the phosphates of Jordan were taken from Esh-Shidiya, Hasa, Mujib, Qastal, Ariesh, Rusiefa and North Jordan phosphates. They were analysed for U, P and Ca. The U contents are found to increase towards Ruseifa in the N. The U3O8/P2O5 ratio is a better indicator for U distribution than the absolute values of U. This study indicates that each locality has its characteristic ratio, and the mean ratio for each locality increases towards N Jordan. Thus, while Esh-Shidiya has 2.8 ppm U for each 1% P2O5, Rusiefa has 5.39 ppm U for each 1% P2O5. It is ths recommended that if the fertilizer industry is going to utilize U from the Jordan phosphate they should use the N Jordan deposits (ie Qastal, Rusiefa, Samu) and not Esh-Shidiya phosphate.-Authors


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