Lecturer of Occupational & Environmental Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University.

Name:  Marie Manawil Gendi Abd el-Shaheed

Date & site of birth:  9/12/1975 –Cairo.

Address: 50 massaken El shorook –behind Ahli Club- Nasr city- Cairo.

                P. O. Box.


El-thanawya El-gawia

Mob. no.: 0111 569 61 68

E-mail address:  famjmj06@yahoo.com




Social status: married with 2 off springs.


Scientific degrees:

- M.D. (Medical doctorate degree) in Industrial Medicine and Occupational Diseases in May 2008

- M.D. thesis (Some health effects due to chronic occupational exposure to cyanide). 

   It was discussed on 30/7/2007.

- Diploma of Internal Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University in May, 2006 grade good.

- Msc (Master degree) in Industrial Medicine and Occupational Diseases in Nov. 2003, grade very good. 

- Msc thesis (Some health hazards among workers in glass industry)

    It was discussed on 13/10/2003.

- M.B, B.Ch.:  Nov. 1999

    Cumulative degree of graduation: Excellent with honor degree.


-  Lecturer since 10/2008 in Occupational & Environmental Medicine department, Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University.

- specialized in Clinical Toxicology working in the National Toxicology Center at Cairo University Hospitals, Kasr alainy since 2/2014. 

- worked in the Fitness & Rehabilitation Unit, Cairo University Hospitals since 1/2001.

- Consultant of Occupational Medicine in the General Institute of 

Health Insurance

, Nasr City since 7/2012.

-  assistant lecturer at Occupational & Environmental Medicine department since 14/6/2005.


resident physician

 in the department of Industrial Medicine and Occupational Diseases, Kasr el Aini Hospitals, in the period from 3/2001 to 4/2004.



 in Cairo University hospitals since 1/3/2000 to 28/2/2001 in the departments of Internal Medicine, General Surgery, Gynecology and Obstetrics, Pediatrics, Anesthesiology, Casualties & Industrial Medicine and Occupational Diseases.



- a course provided by 


 training Institute and I have become an OSHA General Industry Outreach Trainer till 10/29/2013.

- one month training as a resident physician in the National Toxicology Center, Cairo University hospitals in 2008.

- a training course in the National Toxicology Center (


) for one week in 2005.

- two months training as a resident physician in the 


 (Intensive Care Unit),Cairo University hospitals in 1 & 2/2004.

- many courses on the pulmonary function tests (basic and advanced) including cardiopulmonary exercise tests in the Fitness & Rehabilitation Unit, Kasr el Aini hospitals.

- courses on impairment and disability evaluation and on diagnostic tools used for evaluation.

- a good experience in collecting environmental dust samples during a project concerned with lead exposure which was conducted in participation with Cincinnati University, USA.  

Recent Researches & Publications

1- Abo el ata G., Khalifa E, El Desouky S., Sabry D., Manawil M. Occupational risk factors for muculoskeletal disorders among operation room nurses at Cairo University hospitals. BJMMR.  2016; 14 (9): 1-11.

2- Moawad E., Badawy N., Manawil M. Environmental and occupational lead exposure among children in Cairo, Egypt: A community-based cross-sectional study. Medicine.  2016 ; 95 (9): e2976.

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