Fusion barrier parameters for a spherically deformed pair of nuclei

Ismail, M., A. Y. Ellithi, M. M. Botros, and A. A. F. Reheem, "Fusion barrier parameters for a spherically deformed pair of nuclei", Canadian Journal of Physics, vol. 92, issue 11, pp. 1411, 2014.


The interactions of 48Ca spherical nucleus are considered with the deformed targets 224Ra and 244Pu to form the super heavy elements 272Hs and 292114 (292Fl), respectively. The double folding model with effective density dependent M3Y-NN force, and the energy density functional method based on Skyrme force are used to derive the nucleus–nucleus interaction. The effect of deformation and orientation on the Coulomb barrier parameters is studied, and the results are compared with the corresponding quantities derived from a simple model based on the proximity approach for the nuclear part and simple analytical formula for the Coulomb interaction. Consistent behavior of the results is obtained at certain ranges for deformation parameters and orientations.