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Kamal, I. M., N. F. Abdeltawab, Y. M. Ragab, M. A. Farag, and M. A. Ramadan, "Biodegradation, Decolorization, and Detoxification of Di-Azo Dye Direct Red 81 by Halotolerant, Alkali-Thermo-Tolerant Bacterial Mixed Cultures", Microorganisms, vol. 10, issue 5, pp. 994, 2022.
Farag, M. A., E. U. Dokalahy, T. F. Eissa, I. M. Kamal, and A. Zayed, "Chemometrics-Based Aroma Discrimination of 14 Egyptian Mango Fruits of Different Cultivars and Origins, and Their Response to Probiotics Analyzed via SPME Coupled to GC−MS", ACS Omega, vol. 7, issue 2, pp. 2377-2290, 2022.