tandem mass spectrometry

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Fayza A Hassan1, 2, 2 Fatma El-Mougy1, 2 Sahar A Sharaf1, 2 Iman Mandour1, 2 Marian F Morgan1, 3 Laila A Selim2, 3 Sawsan A Hassan2, 3 Fadia Salem2, 3 Azza Oraby2, 3 Marian Y Girgis2, et al., "Inborn errors of metabolism detectable by tandem mass spectrometry in Egypt: The first newborn screening pilot study", journal of medical screening, issue DOI: 10.1177/0969141315618229, pp. 0(0) 1–6, 2016.
b Laila A. Selim a, c Sawsan Abdel-Hady Hassan b, Fadia Salem a, c, Azza Orabi a, b, d Fayza A. Hassan b, d Fatma El-Mougy b, I. G. - E. M. b, A. E. - B. b, Marian Y. Girgis a, b, ⁎ Mohamed A. Elmonem b, d, et al., "Selective screening for inborn errors of metabolism by tandem mass spectrometry in Egyptian children: A 5 year report", Clinical Biochemistry , vol. 47, pp. 823-828, 2014. selective_screening_in_clinical_biochemistry.pdf