Dr Iman bio


                             Iman Gamal El Din Mahmoud ,M.D pediatrics.

Department of Pediatrics,pediatric neurology, Neurometabolic Unit, Cairo University Children Hospital.

Iman Gamal El Din Mahmoud (M.D) is an assistant consultant of pediatrics ,Cairo university . works at the inherited metabolic disorders unit (IMDU)since 2008 , in the centre of social and preventive medicine at Cairo university children hospital (CUCH) ,shared in  projects aiming for extended  newborn screening for metabolic diseases in Egypt e.g  phenylketonuria (PKU) and aminoacidopathies  , aminoacidurias , diagnosis of lysosomal storage diseases ,awareness and early diagnosis of Wolman disease ,as well as interest in research in many neurogenetic and neurometabolic  disorders. Participated in many national and international publications, of which ,some were published in high impact scientific journals.

 Publications and projects of our unit led to the establishment of a national screening program for phenylketonuria in Egypt in 11/2015. She is a member and secretary  of the Egyptian metabolic  patients friend association , a member of the Egyptian neuropediatric society(ENPS), European pediatric neurology society(EPNS),international child neurology association (ICNA) and middle east metabolic group , orphanet (MEMG), the society for the study of inborn errors of metabolism (SSIEM) , the AAAS(American association for the advancement of science) ,the Egyptian national society of human genetics and the National Association of Rare Disorders (NARD) . Her International publications were awarded in 2014 and 2015 and received international publication  award with certificate of appreciation  from Cairo University in 12/2016 and 7/2017.

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