About Iman Saleh

I am Iman Saleh, an assistant professor in the Faculty of Computers and Artificial Intelligence in Cairo University. My research Interests include natural language processing, text mining and data science. I defended my PhD on 4th of May 2019. My PhD work is about mining user's questions: crowd sourced questions and questions posted in community Question Answering systems (cQA). Two tasks were addressed in my thesis: concept segmentatin and labeling of crowd sourced questions and organizing tagged questions in cQA systems.

I was respnsible for implementing a pipeline to extract information from oil and gas industry documents during my position as staff data scientist in Raisa Energy LLC company. I have research experience working as a research assistant/associate in a number of international NLP research groups: National Center for Language Technology in the School of Computing in Dublin City University and the Arabic Language Technology group in Qatar Computing Research Institue. I also worked in RDI company and alKhawarizmy company for language technology as a software developer of speech and NLP related applications.

Contact me at iman dot saleh at fci-cu.edu.eg