Dr .howyda mostafa :DEAN of masscommunication faculty



 c.v.  Name:

Howayda Sayed Mostafa



  Professor and Dean of Faculty of Mass Communication  Cairo University


Date of birth

: 17/7/1962






197 Pyramids St.- Giza




(202)2 5786299 –(202) 25726290









: howaydasm@mail.com


1-The scientific qualifications  :





Ph.D. of Mass Communication - Broadcasting Department – Mass Communication Faculty – Cairo University under the title of “the news handling of the arab issues and affairs in the Egyptian Television: Applicable study on the gulf crisis” – Grade: The first honor degree.



Master from the Mass Communication Faculty – Cairo University under the title of “ The values reflected by the advertisements of the commercial net and how far its relationship with the development plan” – Analysis study on a sample of AlSharq AlAwsat Broadcasting advertisements - Grade: Excellent.


-1980 – 1984:

Bachelor of Mass Communication - Cairo University - Broadcasting Department – Grade: Very Good with the first honor degree.


2- Scientific Degrees:








Associate Professor- Broadcasting Department -Mass Communication  Faculty – Cairo University


21/9/1994- 31/5



Lecturer Broadcasting Department- Mass Communication Faculty  – Cairo University

- 5/10/1988- 21/9/1994:

Assistant Lecturer Broadcasting Department – Mass -Communication Faculty – Cairo University

- 21/11/1984- 5/10/1988:

Assistant Broadcasting department – Mass Communication Faculty – Cairo University


3--The languages:

      1.        Frensh

      2.        English


-4- Professional Career :



Dean of

 Faculty of Mass Communication Cairo University

31/8/2017   Head of Broadcasting Department- Mass CommunicationFaculty  – Cairo University


: Dean of The High International Media Institute – El

Sherouq Academy



  Professor –  Head of Broadcasting Department- Mass CommunicationFaculty  – Cairo University




: Director of Training and Documentation and Production Center Faculty of Mass Communication Cairo University


: Head of Radio and Tv Departement - Ahram Canadian University


2005-2006 :

Head of Radio and TV Department The International Academy for Media Sciences



April 2005

member of Trustees of AlAhram Canadian University



member of the National Committee of Organizing the Environment Management at the General Egyptian Authority of Measurement Unification and Production Quality


2004 – 2005

Head of broadcasting department- The High Institute of Media sciences,6 of October University



counselor of Cairo Air Improvement Project “CAIP” and the Egyptian Program of the Environment Politics at the American Agency for the International Development


2001 – 2003

Vice dean of the High Institute of Media sciences, 6 of October University and Head of Broadcasting department at the Mass Communication Faculty, 6 of October University


(1993 –2010)

Counsellor of AlAhram Regional Press Institute (ARPI) at AlAhram Establishment


Head of Media Environmental Unit – Ahram Regional Press Institute – Ahram Nwespapper





Supervising on the following training programs:


-         The training program to develop the journalistic skills of the journalists , AlAhram establishment

-         Program of improving the performance of the local, public and executive councils at Cairo governorate with the cooperation of the decision center for consultations and the Swedish Diconia foundation

-         The training program to build the journalists and mediamen capacities in the human rights field with the cooperation of the American Agency for the international development and the Radio & Television Union

-         The development program for women and children

-         The training program for the young politic leaders on how managing economic electoral campaigns and dealing with the media, newspapers and magazines on the egyptian governorates level

-         General supervisor on the training programs in the Radio & Television field at the German Friedrich Iebert Foundation

The participation in the the training courses organised by the institute of the broadcasting training for the african journalists speaking Frensh at the Egyptian Radio & Television Union


4 - Teaching the following courses :


 Introduction to Mass Communication

Introduction to Broadcasting

Introduction to Egyptian and Arab Media

Communication Research

Special Topic in Broadcast

Broadcast Advertising

Media Planning

Media Compain and Social Marketing

International and Interculturel  Communication

Media Theories

Media Laws and Ethics

Media and social Development

Media and Crises Management

Media Production

Radio and tv documentries 

Writing for Radio and TV


Awards and scholarship :


November 1997 – December 1997:

Training course on” Training the trainers in the Radio & Television field” at the Institute for Training the journalists in Paris and Montpellier


October 1994 – December 1994:

Training course in the T.V journalism at the Institute for training the journalists in Paris


March 1994 & July 1994:

Training course organised by the Mediterranean Institute countries for communication in Paris and Tunisia


1992 – 1993:

Common Supervising Mission in the Frensh Institute for Press ( IFP) at Paris University 2 to obtain Ph. D.


5-Author :Published books:

1-     Media Contemporary Crises : Theoretical vues and cases , Atlas for Publications , Cairo , 2017

2-     Advertising in different Media Systems , Atlas for Publications , Cairo 2016  

3-The Media Role in the Iinternational Crises, AlMahrousa Center for Researches, Training and Publishing, January 2000

4-The Advertising in the Broadcasting Systems, The Egyptian Lebanon House, September 1999

5-The Media Crisis, the International Media Management of the Gulf war, AlNadim for Press and Publishing, June 1997

6-The Practical Training and the Audiovisual future, Faculty of Mass Communication Editions (1997)

7-The Television Interview “translated book”, by Ivon Sharon, under printing

8-Media and Contemporary Crises , Dar Masr el Mahrousa , 2008




6- Attended  International  conferences:



·              Participated in the LiberalInternational Conference – CairoJuly 2006

    •     Conference of” The reform challenges in the Middle East” organized by the greek foreign ministry with the collaboration of Berkly Center, California University, Los Angeles, in Athens during the period 16-20 June ‏2005‏
  • Conference of “Towards the peace culture for our children” organized by the women federation for the international peace in Athens during the period 16-19 June ‏2005
  • The international workshop on “The peace and cooperation future in the Middle East” organized by the Swedish foreign affairs in Istanbul during the period  29 March – 4 April 2005
  • The international conference on “The regional security challenges in the Middle East” organized by Berkly Center, California University, Los Angeles, in Athens during the period 17-20 March 2005‏
  •  The conference of the fifth summit of  the leadership and the good governance on “Towards new model of the good governance” organized by the women federation for the international peace in South Korea during the period 12 – 16 April 2005‏
  • The international workshop on “Towards spreading the democracy culture in the Middle East” on the margin of the security and regional peace in the Middle East conference organized by Berkly Center, California University, Los Angeles, in Athens in Amman during the period 17 – 20 May 2004
  • A training tour in the United States of America included Washington and California states organized by the environment ministry with the collaboration of Cairo Air Improvement Project at the US aid authority during the period 14-30 January 2004
  • The international conference on the environmental rights organized by the arab media foundation in Geneva during the period 25-28 March 2004
  • The international environmental conference on “ The environmental protection of the earth planet: The environment technology and the environmental culture” organized by the international organization of the biotechnology studies in Bulgaria during the period 5-8 July 2003
  • A training tour in Germany to visit the environment projects by an invitation of the arab european cooperation center during the period 9-18 July 2002
  • The first regional forum for the arab mediamen on the environment and the continuous development in the frame of preparing the third summit of the earth on the continuous development organized by UNEP  West Asia Bureau, the environment researchs and fungal life authority in Abu Dhabi during the period 24-25 July 2002
  • The conference of evaluating the environmental effect and the media role in the environment awareness, the environment technology institute, Bordaux University, France during the period 26-29 June 2000
  • The second arab conference on “ The environment protection is a necessity of the life”, Damascus, October 2000
  • The conference of “The media and peace culture in the Middle East”, Rodoss, 2-5 July 1998
  • The arab media forum for the environment and the quality, Casablanca, 14-15 October 1998
  • Workshop on the modern trends to keep the environmental dangers Vienna, May 1999







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