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Hassnin, N. M. M., A. H. H. Ali, and H. H. Kesba, "Effect of grafting on resistance of cucurbit hybrids against Meloidogyne incognita infection under greenhouse condition", Pakistan Journal of Zoology, vol. 55, pp. 723-733, 2023. 2_hassnin_et_al_pjz_55_2_723-733.pdf
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Kesba, H., A. Suloma, Samy Sayed, A. Abdel-Rahman, and S. Diab, "Effect of Water of Tilapia Pond on Reproduction of Meloidogyne incognita and Growth of Eggplant in Relation to Soil Type", Pakistan Journal of Zoology, vol. 54, issue 4, pp. 1709-1718, 2022. 3_kesba_et_al_pjz_544_1709-1718_nema.pdf
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Al-Sayed, A. A., A. A. Abdel-Rahman, S. F. Mahmoud, and H. H. Kesba, "Reproductivity of Meloidogyne incognita on medicinal plant species with emphasis on its effect on sweet basil essential oil constituents.", Fresenius Environmental Bulletin, vol. 31, issue 03A, pp. 3784-3792, 2022. 80feb_21_02270_1.pdf
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